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Acts 1:8 Foundation Addressing Diversity

In the Acts 1:8 Foundation post-pandemic world.  HR is responsible for being the “facilitators” in ensuring a secure and seamless transition for employees from working. In the past of the areas of strategic importance for HR were center around digital transformation and the employee experience. Base on the Future Workplace 2021 HR Sentiment Survey which polle about 200 HR executives at the C-level across the United States .These priorities have been shift to be focuse on employee wellbeing as well as diversity, equality and inclusion, as well as managing remote employees.

The top 5 priorities, along with their impact on practices of people:

Diversity and equality has always been a crucial area for HR professionals. After the pandemic situation, it’s become more important. Base on the Future Workplace 2021 HR sentiment Survey New measures are being adopt including defining the criteria for DEI as well as defining inclusive behavior in DEI and creating new partnerships to expand the pool of talent.

Research has proven that companies with a robust DEI strategy tend to employ people with a wide range of skills, which results in a wider array of perspectives, ideas and solutions to business issues.


Models for managing talent differ from one organization to another. With a growing dependent and remote workforce, companies must concentrate more attention on the current models of talent management. First, they must create an organization culture that emphasizes the employee experience. Employee satisfaction is vital since it has an impact directly on the customer experience and services. When employees are satisfie and content, they will be more willing to serve their customers more effectively. Additionally, companies must be focuse on improving the capabilities of their current employees to provide them with the necessary technological knowledge and skills to succee in today’s competitive business world. Acts 1:8 Foundation

Another important aspect HR professionals must look at is the management of performance. Traditional models of performance review that follow top-down, linear approach are no longer effective in the present. Human Resources and business leaders realize that this model doesn’t encourage imagination, creates unrealistic expectations and goals, and doesn’t provide employees with a way to share their professional and career objectives. The most innovative strategies organizations could take include regular review throughout the entire year. peer reviews as well as introducing flexible and adaptable goals which are evaluated quarterly all through the year.


The pandemic has force workers to shift their work places and to reevaluate their work routines HR executives must explore and develop innovative ways to increase employees’ engagement and increase productivity levels. Traditional models of work, such as an 8-hour, five-day, 9am-5pm work week are no longer suitable for employees. With a majority of employees working from home HR and business executives must rethink ways to create that there is a clear line between work and personal lives in order to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

There isn’t a single solution that works for all. Thus, HR leaders need to implement a listening approach. Give employees the opportunity to share their feedback anonymously or develop an FAQ site to address frequently asked concerns, and remain transparent to employees when introducing the new working models. Take a flexible approach to employees who might have difficulty adapting to the new working model. Work closely with employees in order to identify and implement solutions that assist them in coping.


A flexible and resilient workforce is essential for HR managers in the event of a pandemic, and more especially in the post pandemic period. Companies aren’t the only ones who are trying to adjust to the various risks and challenges. Employees are also trying to make the transition to working at home while making sure that they remain productive and enthusiastic. This is particularly true for those who are new to the company. These employees may not be require to go through the typical onboarding procedures or even enter the office at all.

HR managers and leaders must to ensure that their employees are active. They must also provide opportunities for new employees to connect and develop relationships with current colleagues. Additionally, existing employees have to be flexible and able to adjust to this new method of working to stay ahead of the curve and work with colleagues to reach the same goals.


The excitement of working remotely has worn off. It’s been a constant cycle of Zoom meetings.  The pressure of demands from family members,  The absence of an appropriate workspace – all of these have caused stress for employees. As the pandemic persists the claustrophobia and fatigue gets worse and can affect positive emotions about everything . The personal affirmation of one’s work, their performance as well as employees’ attitudes towards their job and the organization which they work for.

HR managers and leaders need be ready for this stress affecting all employees, not just them. Instead of giving in to fatigue, there is an urgent requirement for business leaders and management to become more aware and compassionate towards their employees. Give well-being-relate benefits like making flexible work arrangements more flexible or access to apps for well-being or training. Introduce no-meeting Fridays, or an annual office shutdown for all employees to relax and leave. Develop wellness solutions that are tailored to the business, its size and, most important, each employee. Acts 1:8 Foundation

As organizations enter this new year it’s the ideal time for HR executives to shine. The ways employees work, the places they work and the tools utilize are here to stay. As HR managers seek to identify their top human capital goals to ensure their organization is prepare for the future it is essential to ensure that they are aligned with the overall business goals. There is no doubt that there are a lot of crucial issues HR or business managers ought to be worried about, but identifying those that are most important and significant to the work force will help HR managers and HR leaders a more clear direction.

Motivate Your Employee With Bonuses
Employees are a vital asset for any company. They are engage and result in an efficient and motivate workforce. Which , in turn, leads to positive outcomes for the business as well as its customers.

There are a variety of methods to motivate employees and retain them, the most important method being typically the compensation. Other strategies include developing an employee-focuse value proposition, encouraging an enjoyable corporate culture, giving plenty of opportunities for career advancement for employees, and in-the-field training. But all this are useless without a solid total rewards strategy. Based on LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report, the top three reasons people quit their jobs in the millennial generation were better pay and benefits, greater advancement , and more of challenges.

The mix of compensation offered to employees will typically vary base on the specific role and the level of their seniority. There are a variety of ways to pay for compensation that companies can use to influence different behaviors among employees. For instance, the base wage is usually tied to the job title regardless of the holders qualifications or previous experiences. Fixed cash allowances are determine by the specifics that the position requires. For instance, sales workers typically get transportation and mobile allowances because of the mobile nature of their job. The bonuses (or flexible bonuses) can be used as a way to reward employees and boost employee performance.


In accordance with the terms use provide by Primeum an incentive compensation blog variable bonuses are comprise of a variety of bonuses. They vary in accordance with the job held by the employee. The goal of variable bonuses is to reward the employees’ performance. The bonus could be an individual bonus or share.

Short-term reward, commonly known as performance pay. This is usually provide for jobs in which it is simple to establish precise and consistent targets. It is easy to define a minimum of expectations for work that is linke to a specific degree of achievement. This tool for calculating bonuses is the perfect solution.

Performance bonuses are typically when employees are compensate according to a predetermine goal.

Sales incentives are a kind of reward that is tie to the results. These kinds of bonuses are usually offere to sales personnel to give them a reward for selling an amount .That is predetermine or services. Sales incentives are usually in the form of commissions or incentives.

Sales incentives are comparable to the performance pay. In the case of performance pay, incentives are given to employee of sales who have achieve or exceed a set sales goal. This can help to motivate sales personnel to meet the target, so that they can receive the money-based reward. Commission will always be in the form of monetary money and is usually a proportion of the cost of the item or service that is sold. The more salesperson sells, the more their commission.

A discretionary bonus occurs when the bonus is given to an employee with no prerequisite for the bonus’s qualification, as well as the much or when it will be paid out. This kind of bonus is not usually part of the employee’s contracts of employment. Acts 1:8 Foundation . There are a variety of circumstances where organizations can give bonuses on a discretionary basis to employees. For instance, during a particularly-strong fiscal year or to retain employees who are already employe due to the high turnover rate

Profit-sharing plans are a kind reward plan. It gives employees a stake of the profits of their company in accordance with the company’s quarterly or annual profits. . The amount offere.

Like the name implies, long-term incentives are a kind of incentive tool. That has longer time-frame in comparison to short-term rewards. Long-term incentive plans typically have an interval between 2 and five years. They are also use to encourage long-term retention and align with corporate objectives. When the position is a major influencer on the overall strategy of the organisation.

Management of various incentive programs can be confusing and taxing the HR and payroll. If your department relies on spreadsheet calculations in manual Excel for computation. It is likely that the calculations are susceptible to inconsistencies and errors. Employing payroll software could aid in addressing these issues by improving accuracy and reducing non-compliance with local requirements.

Although bonuses are typically employe as a way to reward workers for their effort and contribution to the company. They also provide information about payroll. Organizations can profit from the data on payroll within their payroll systems. For deeper understanding of how bonuses are distribute as well as merit increments.

They are an excellent incentive tool to influence the appropriate employee behavior in the workplace. Together with strong non-monetary benefits and the appropriate combination of both monetary and non-monetary rewards can be a great way to motivate and build a highly motivate and productive employees within the company .

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