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ADHD and Time Perception: The Facts You Should Know

Let’s say that you’re trying to finish a project for work. You also have to cook dinner and have an appointment in an hour. So, you sit down to start your project for work, then realize that you don’t know what to cook. You decide to research some fast-cooking recipes. You start researching. It should only take five to ten minutes, right?

Your phone rings. It’s your doctor’s office following up on your missed appointment. You check your clock to find it’s been over an hour. Welcome to the most common way ADHD and time perception interact.

ADHD and Time Perception: What’s the Connection?

To those who don’t suffer from the disorder, the connection between ADHD and time perception might seem like simple laziness or procrastination, nothing more. However, individuals with ADHD often deal with a symptom known as “time blindness“.

What is time blindness? It’s a simple name for the perception of time with ADHD, which is nonexistent. Someone who is time blind cannot accurately estimate how long tasks will take to complete, nor will they be able to recall appointments, bill dates, and other things without constant reminders and backups.

Time Management Tips for ADHD Sufferers

Thankfully, while time blindness is difficult to work around, it’s far from impossible. Many experts like Dr. Ned Hallowell have developed a host of ADHD time management tips for adults. These tips include, but are not limited to:

Time Your Tasks

One surefire way to help fix time blindness is to have an actual record of how long it takes to complete specific tasks. You can do this by setting a timer on your phone for how long you think a task may take, and then setting a stopwatch timer if it exceeds that amount or recording the time if the task finishes sooner. Record that data, and you’ll know exactly how long a specific task usually takes you.

Set Up Structured Schedules

Another major struggle those with ADHD face is a lack of structure. Time exists in either “now” or “not now” nebulae. If you take a moment to craft a specific, structured period for work, chores, and personal tasks, you can better manage when to do things.

Learn Your “Productivity Zones”

Every person with ADHD has time periods where their brains are most active and cooperative. Finding those zones for you is crucial to time management with ADHD.

Calendars and Reminders Are Your Best Friends

Set reminders and due dates up in calendar apps as soon as you hear about them. That way, you’re less likely to forget to record those dates and will have a reminder when the time comes.

Need More ADHD Hacks or Time Management Tips?

Now that you understand the relationship between ADHD and time perception, as well as some tips for managing your time with ADHD, you might wonder where you can find more helpful tips. Well, our blog has the answers. Check us out each day for more mental health-based articles like this one!

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