Advertising Tactics and Consumer Behavior

Advertising is as important as food for brands or companies. Nowadays no one can escape mass media advertising, for broad influence. There are many platforms through which we can promote the products and brands like (Television, Magazines, Billboards, YouTube, facebook, Movies, etc.). Kotler is a pioneer of marketing, suggesting that different advertising appeals are the major notion of advertising, and to gain the attention of an audience.

Consumer behavior is changing and it is becoming a difficult task for advertisers and marketers to meet their evolving needs and demands. Advertisers come up with new strategies every time they launch the product or promote the existing product. In a world where globalization is increasing, the competition among brands or companies is becoming deeper, and fiercer, the customers are becoming more important.

The effectiveness of advertising depends on its strategies, how well they are developed and implemented to influence consumer buying behavior. There are many strategies that make advertising effective and successful. We are going to discuss some of them in brief.

Product Comparison

This is one of the best and effective advertising strategies used to influence consumer buying behavior. Comparing your products or services with your major competitor will provide you a competitive advantage as customers will get more information about the products and get more informed. Comparative advertising can be implemented throughout every advertising medium.

Consumers pay proper attention to even minor details in product comparison because they want the best services or products for them to purchase. That is why comparison of the products can be effective in influencing the purchasing behavior if it has been utilized effectively.


Celebrity Endorsement

This strategy of advertising is effective which is suggested by many marketing experts. The power of celebrity in an advertisement is really strong. They can influence your purchasing decisions by not saying a word but just the appearance will do the work. That is why it is more effective than any other thing. 

Many people are inspired by their celebrities, they even purchase products or services which their celebrities use. This is the effective strategy used by the advertisers to make ads more attractive and appealing to the customers. They create the positive quality and image of the brand, it can influence the buying behavior of consumers.

It is suggestive that even if customers do not remember the product or service but they do remember the celebrity who appeared in an ad. Many customers associate the brand with celebrities because of their strong presence throughout an advertisement. Through this effective advertising, strategy brands can influence consumer buying behavior.

That is why we suggest you implement this strategy in your advertising campaign both on social media and other conventional media. This will create an influencing aspect among your targeted audience. 


Without laughter your life can be miserable. Humor is the best thing you can be influenced from. Utilizing humor within advertisements can be effective and generate a positive response from consumers, which may likely result in purchasing of a product or services. The message which you convey to your targeted customers in a humorous way is more effective than in any other manner. 

Humor in advertising is an strategy based on attraction used by brands to positively impact the minds of consumers that remain memorable. Humor can create a more meaningful association among brands and customers. But it can only be successful or effective if the consumers’ response is positive, otherwise, there may be something lacking in creating humor in ad advertising.


The major drawback in utilizing humor is that it does not always be effective, because of its sensitivity. If the humor targets some culture then it will get negative feedback from the customers. You can hurt someone’s feelings by mistake such as if you make fun of someone’s culture in an advertisement then it will result in negativity. You need to analyze in what way the humor does hurt others sentiments. 

So it is that if you are using this most effective advertising strategy, then you need to utilize it in a way that does not offend anyone and makes everyone laugh. It ultimately influences your buyers to purchase from you. You can use abstract humor like Carlton Draught had in their advertisements. 


Content Marketing

Without content your marketing efforts are of no need, you cannot post anything blank and in advertisement content is the major thing. The message you need to convey to your customers needs content. This can make your consumers potential or existing well informed about the products and service and spread awareness through the perfect and better content. 

It is a great method to indirectly promote your brand to your potential consumers by offering them educational and informative yet attractive information or content. It has now become common that advertisements are based on this marketing strategy to increase their social media presence. 

Content marketing can establish your brand as the authority and create your reputation online, SEOs can help you with the ranking of your social media page, website, and other content, they have the expertise, if search appears with the phrase “social media advertising Dubai” then your content will be on top ranking with effective SEO techniques . Sometimes it is better to let others manage your work. 


Whenever you publish the latest information your potential or existing customer will consider you as reliable. The visual representation may grab the attention of users or readers and merge them with informative content will give you the benefit that the visitors on your site will spend more time. So use this advertising strategy more effectively.

Emotional Advertising

Various reasons pursue the customer’s attention and the response to its various advertising appeals to the impact of consumer purchasing behavior. People are emotional, they do things if they do affect by emotions. Instead of cognitive thinking, emotions have a more effective impact on the actions of consumers. Brands use this strategy to their benefit to promote their products or services.

Emotions are essential to the effectiveness of advertising. They play with emotion to strategically manipulate the feelings of consumers. The ads with emotions are not just for likes but they create great rates of conversion. If you want to make your product successful then target someone’s emotions, it is always effective. When everything has benefits it also has some disadvantages, so make use of emotion wisely.


Many advertisers or marketers face the problem of selecting effective advertising strategies to positively influence consumer behavior. They think that if they choose any of the strategies they will get success, but they ignore the fact that every strategy is not effective every time. You need to choose based on which customer you want to target. If you want to pursue the customer who is using other competitor’s products, then the comparison advertising will be effective instead of using emotions.

There are many other effective advertising strategies which can be useful for your depends on the nature of your product or services, you can implement them in the best way possible. We recommend you choose the strategy that suits your needs so that you can get successful campaigns.

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