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All about Barbecue Smokers

As the author of a BBQ book, I get asked all the time… what’s the best Barbecue smokers to purchase? My answer usually drives them the correct way and gives them a couple of spots to start looking.

I usually inform individuals regarding one of the accompanying bbq smokers…

Big Green Egg – this is an insulated vertical smoker. They start around $600 to $700 for the huge model.

Traeger Pellet Smokers – This is a pleasant bbq smoker that consumes wood pellets. The Lil’ tex starts around $695. The advanced controls and oversize container are some extra however.

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn  – One of the world famous brand and it gives you quality smoked meat to your table. This is around $520 at the Amazon.

Scorch Broil Silver Smoker – This is a more moderate, smaller offset type smoker yet it is very much developed and delivers some extraordinary Q. They are $159 down at Home Depot.

Stumps Smoker – this is likewise an insulated vertical smoker with a gravity took care of charcoal framework. They start around $1600.

Lang Smoker – This is a traditional offset type smoker. It is made of acceptable thick metal yet it isn’t insulated. This offset BBQ smoker is novel in that it has a metal plate that runs the full length of the smoker just beneath the meat grind. The smoke ventures out all the route to the opposite finish of the smoker, over the meat, and out the smoke stack on a similar side as the firebox. The Lang Model 60 starts at $2195.

Quick Eddy’s by Cookshack – This is a pleasant pellet BBQ smoker with a vertical style. Utilized by numerous individuals of the top BBQ rivalry groups. It is around $3295.

Southern Yankee – these are rotisserie bbq smokers and they have numerous models to browse. They range from small draw behind rotisseries to enormous concession trailers. They start at $3750 and go up from that point.


Also, their ultimate conclusion usually has to do with the accompanying components…

Cost – the measure of cash you need to spend on a BBQ smoker has a great deal to do with your choice. I think the most value for your money is the Traeger Lil’ Tex BBQ smoker – especially for the back yard BBQer. Albeit, numerous BBQ groups utilize these as well. Whatever you do, don’t go down to WalMart or Home Depot and get one of those small offset smokers for $300 or less. They are made out of dainty metal and the fireboxes don’t ventilate well. You’ll experience difficulty creating great BBQ on those things.

Work required – A traditional offset BBQ smoker requires a great deal of work tending the fire. A few people favor a traditional offset smoker over something that consumes charcoal, pellets, or propane. In any case, let me caution you… you’ll be slashing a ton of wood to take care of that ravenous monster. You’ll have to check your fire in most offset smokers each 15-30 minutes. The Southern Yankee are wood or charcoal consuming as well. That can get tedious on a long for the time being smoke. The Big Green Egg and Stumps Smokers will run an extremely lengthy timespan on only one pack of charcoal. Obviously, the Traeger and Fast Eddy’s consume pellets that are taken care of automatically.

Insulated – The insulated BBQ smoker allows for long consumes so you can get a little closed eye on those long for the time being brisket smokes. The Big Green Egg and Stumps are insulated and consume charcoal.

Size – Look at the number of square creeps of cooking space you get for your cash. Traeger Lil’ Tex’s are pleasant BBQ smokers, yet you’ll require a few of them on the off chance that you mean to rival them. Obviously Traeger has numerous bigger models to browse including some business BBQ smokers.

Wood, pellets, or charcoal – What sort of smoke flavor do you like? Do you like charcoal or real wood? Or on the other hand perhaps a mix of both… usually, in the event that you utilize charcoal for warmth and toss some wood lumps on top for flavor, you’ll get a decent outcome. Protuberance charcoal and Duraflame’s hardwood briquettes are different alternatives that produce a cleaner and more smoking consume. Obviously, wood pellets are real wood and the outcomes are like utilizing real wood logs.

Type – You got your vertical smokers, vertical insulated smokers, traditional offset smokers (with the smoke stack inverse from the firebox), Lang offset smokers, pellet smokers, rotisserie smokers, gas smokers, and all sorts of mixes of all of these. What BBQ smoker is most appropriate to your necessities or needs?


When you choose what BBQ smoker to get, you’ll need to figure out how to utilize it right. A decent spot to start is to get a duplicate of “Rivalry BBQ Secrets” and figure out how the expert’s do it on the opposition BBQ circuit.

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