All about Electrical Insulation Tapes

Electrical insulation tapes seem a very simple product but these PVC insulated tapes play a vital role in maintaining electrical infrastructure and safety. From insulating a wire to marking cables with different colors or sealing loose ends to holding things together, the elastic gaff tape is a simple yet important gadget to carry in your toolbox. In this blog post, we are going to uncover some of the amazing facts about this product. So, let’s start!

What are electrical insulation tapes?

Well, these tapes are made up of Polyvinyl chloride i.e. PVC which makes them ideal to use as a conductor for handling electricity in electrical cables and the vinyl provides the capabilities to elongate the tapes for long-lasting binds. Moreover, these tapes also come in a variety of colors to recognize different wires and cables in case you deal with multiple wires.

Why different colors?

Different colors indicate different meanings. Most of the electricians use black color tape to insulating cables and making connections. Apart from black color tape, red, white, and blue color tapes are used for applications requiring low voltage sheathing. Similarly, Orange, grey, and yellow color tapes are used for high voltage applications. On the other hand, the green color tape universally indicates earth grounding.

Why steelgrip’s electrical insulation tape?

Don’t forget to follow these general guidelines:

Uses of steelgrip’s electrical tapes:

Regardless of having various electrical and electronic uses, these tapes can be used for some creative purposes also like-

In short, this handy product is a must to include in your toolbox because of its versatile and strong nature. You can trust KBG engineering private limited for any assistance.

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