All Fortnite Season 3 Week 7 XP Coins Locations

inally, Season 3 Week 7 of Fortnite has arrived with some cool challenges. Week 7 challenges have added the set of coins that players are required to collect. The set of coins include the Green, Purple, Golden and Blue XP coins. While playing the game and some other challenges, players will surely encounter some of the coins. However, players have to collect every single coin to complete the challenge. In Week 7, three more Golden XP coins have been added, but they are bugged in a similar way as Week 6.

This XP Coins collection is quite interesting for most of the players. Majority of players have already played a similar type of challenge in Week 6, but Week 7 challenge added a few more XP Coins. Without knowing the exact locations of these coins, it is quite tough to gather all of the XP Coins. So here is the best Fortnite XP Coins guide for you.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 7 XP Coins Location

Purple XP Coins

  • At the hill, south side of Pleasant Park.
  • At the back of a tree on a cliff, south of the water.

Green XP Coins

  • Inside the bush next to the house.
  • Outside of walls on the south at the end of the Fort Crumpet.
  • Inside a tiny wooden shack on the south end of the Weeping Wood.
  • At the Bridge.

Blue XP Coins

  • Break a panel on a platform between two stacks.
  • Break the boat at the cart next to the building.
  • Break a food cart at the entrance of Fort Crumpet.
  • Break the crane at the Compact Cars.

Golden XP Coins

  • At the top of the light house.
  • On the street.
  • On the street.

On these following locations, players can get the XP Coins. For Week 7, these locations are live with XP coins. It is necessary to reach the exact locations mentioned above.

The Green XP Coins are the highest designated coins as 5, and with the help of these coins, players can finish their two weeks challenges easily. Among several challenges, one challenge will make players move to “Weeping Woods” to collect the “Floating Rings”, and another will send to “Slurpy Swamp” for “SLURP.” So players will have the opportunity to finish multiple tasks at the same location.

Fortnite’s Week 7 tasks are quite challenging. Some of the tasks are tough, but if the players try some tricks, they can finish multiple tasks at the same time.

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