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All You Need to Know About Destiny 2: Garden Of Salvation

Have you geared up in the Garden Of Salvation Raid Jacket to dig beneath the Black Garden yet? If not, then you are missing something really fun and exciting. Destiny 2: Garden Of Salvation came in 2019 on the 5th of October, allowing the Guardians to move forward and invade the Black Garden to track the origin of signals coming from an unidentified Artifact, tasked by the Darkness to them. You have to encounter an attack of Sol Divisive Vex, and from the perspective of a real gamer, it is one hell of an adventure!

There are various types of devices and foliage to create dangerous yet appealing atmospheres to play in. The raid is more open, larger, and more challenging than the raids you have seen, like Crown of Sorrow. So, level up your raid skills because it’s going to be hard. But before diving into the Black Garden, let’s know some aspects of this game.

Everything About the Garden of Salvation:

Black Garden appears to be the place of origin of the Vex. The end-game mission of 6 players titled ‘The Garden of Salvation’ is designed to happen in the Black Garden. The initial story mission leads gamers to the Black Garden in the fundamental plot of Destiny 1.

There is a wide variety of battles featured in the Garden of Salvation, allowing the players to flesh out their knowledge about the Vex and their habitat, the Black Garden. Not to forget the scenario of the doppelganger showing up in the mission of Shadowkeep. This and so much more will welcome you throughout your journey as a Guardian.

The suggested level of power for the Garden of Salvation is around 940 Power. If you can’t reach that level, don’t think that you can enjoy the adventure. The Power computing rules offered in Shadowkeep will give you victory even if you are on a lower level. But always make achieving the highest level your ultimate goal. If you want to keep it safe, then before going for a raid, stay at a minimum of 930 Power.

The New Divinity Exotic:

You will find The Divinity, which is the Exotic trace rifle in the second release of Destiny. It is meant to be a quest-based Exotic instead of the random drops that we saw in the previous ones like Anarchy. There are seven (when it’s Bungie, always seven) unsolved puzzles that you will have to solve get sone with the Divinity quest. You can begin it without even being a part of a raid happening in the Garden of Salvation.

The quest seems more complicated than others, but the fun makes it worth it. ‘Divinity’ is termed as the most powerful raid Exotics until now. The edge that it has is it can weaken enemies and make them more vulnerable. It is also loaded with periodic bursts of destruction and is the hottest contender in the table of future must-have things for all the players looking forward to teaming up.

The Destiny 2 Hawkmoon:

Another Exotic, Hawkmoon, looks so different in Destiny 2 as compared to the original Destiny. There will be a new version, which will come as soon as you achieve an Exotic through the quest. Don’t be anxious; the quest is simpler than others and is kind of straightforward. Once you locate the exact spots to look out for Hawkmoon, the steps to attain it won’t be so difficult and exhausting.

The Special Raid Armor:

Enjoy the perks of raid-special armor modifications while preparing for a raid in the Garden of Salvation. You will have exclusive slots for modification too. The armor seems somehow familiar to the ones from ancient models. The highlighting part about the stunning armor is its neon-colored Vex-ification detailing. Neon makes it more vibrant, so this armor is in no way like previous ones. Pull off a good shader with it, and rock the suited-up look.

Destiny 2 Crossplay To Come in 2021:

Recently, as posted by a Destiny 2 Dev on the 8th of December 2020, some exciting features are coming in the following year. Joe Blackburn, who happens to be the assistant director of Destiny, announces that Crossplay, along with many other incredible upgrades, is finally coming to Destiny 2 in 2021. Previously, we saw the feature of cross-save among many platforms being added to the game. But now, we will create an even larger world of Destiny 2 players from all kinds of gaming consoles!

Other New Features To Come:

Apart from the Crossplay, there are a lot of new upgrades hitting Destiny 2 next year, which includes;

  • Advanced armor and weapons.
  • The Re-entry of Vault of Glass
  • DDOS protection for games of all consoles.
  • Transmog
  •  Devil’s Lair Strikes.
  • 4K/60FPS Features for all consoles’ gamers.
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strikes.
  • And so much more!

Well, this update deserves a whole paragraph of discussion; The Witch Queen Expansion! It has been confirmed already to hit the game next year, and honestly, no one, including us, can keep a hold of our excitement anymore. The Beyond Light expansion is also announced by Bungie earlier this year, along with the news of three new expansions over three years. The first one is Beyond Light, then The Witch Queen, and the third one is reported to be Lightfall.

Moreover, as Luke Smith announced, the director of Bungie showed his doubts already about the popularity and greatness of these expansions. He doesn’t believe that these expansions would be as huge as Forsaken in 2018. The game is improving a lot with time, and maybe Luke has gained more confidence in the future of Destiny 2.

All in all, Destiny 2: Garden Of Salvation is more exciting and adventurous than the previous ones. If you have been crushing over Destiny 1, then man, Destiny 2 is nothing less than a heaven for you! So, without any further ado, rush to your favorite store, and grab the game now. But wait… while you are at it, get a Garden Of Salvation Raid Jacket too!

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