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AMC Contracts for RO: Check Price Details In 2021

Water purifiers are the necessary electronics in urban areas due to uncontrolled pollution which affects the purity of the water. Drinking polluted water can lead to many future diseases of the skin, hair, digestive system.

Drinking safe and filtered water is considered a good healthy routine, however, an excessive level of advanced filtration of water causes our body to lose its body beneficiary properties which help to fight the harmful toxins that are produced in our body.

AMC for Water Purifiers: Is it compulsory?

The water purifier AMC is an annual maintenance contract between the manufacturer and the owner of the purifier. According to the terms and conditions agreement states that it is the yearly contract for maintenance of the RO machines through regular RO service.

In this contract, three visits per year are included by the manufacturer’s assigned technician for regular service and checkups with two calls to action emergency visits in case of any problem in the water purifier.

Water purifier AMC: Price details

AMC charges for RO water purifier – ₹1000/- per year + spare parts.

Composite value approximately – ₹3000/- per year

When buying a water purifier the maintenance costs of that purifier should be an important concern as all the RO machines need regular maintenance, there hasn’t been any technology yet in the water purifiers that don’t need any service.

The maintenance cost of the water purifiers varies with the different manufacturers, models, water tank capacity, additional features, and generations.

There isn’t any fixed maintenance charge for RO purifiers, around 6-7 different spare parts run together inside that simple-looking RO water purifier and once it got damaged it has to be replaced there is no option. 

The RO purifiers come with replacement spare parts hence there is no logic in trying to repair that particular spare part that got damaged.

AMC for Water purifiers: Know what you get for your RO purifiers!

According to the AMC contract, the amenities include the replacement of all the cartridge spare parts which are inside the RO machine [Post carbon filter, pre carbon filter cartridges, and remineralizer]. It is recommended that the cartridges should be changed once per year except for the water membrane which is a costly filter that starts from ₹2500/-. If the membrane is fine then it is replaced once every 3-5 years depending upon the usage, storage tank, and water chemical intensity.

The wall-mounted RO machines consist of pre-filter chemical cartridges which get blocked easily and the quantity of the water to the RO purifier pump tends to get reduced hence causing lower efficiency of the RO machine. Therefore make sure to enquire about this while looking to buy a new RO machine.

Finding the spare part of the water purifier in the open market can be a challenging task, you have to purchase from the manufacturer. This is the reason why the spare part prices are not negotiable therefore it becomes expensive. The wall-mounted purifiers don’t use common size filters they vary in size, models, etc. Also if you use any third-party duplicate spare parts like filters, cartridges or membranes they may affect the original working spare parts too hence leading to an increase in the costs more drastically.

According to the terms of AMC for water purifiers, you will not get any third-party spare parts, and if you wish to opt for low-cost third-party spare parts then you may be compelled to enter into the AMC for water purifiers / RO machines contract.

Do You Require AMC For A Water Purifier Contract?

AMC contracts can be a great saving for those who have a large or commercial usage type like for, office use, restaurants, malls, shops, and a large number of family members.

The maintenance of the RO machines depends upon a lot of factors and one of the most concerning factors is the source of water.

The harmful pollutant and chemicals present in the water decide the alarming signs by the RO machine for its maintenance. The more harmful agents the more filter cartridges have to work on it to filter out and the waste particles start to reduce the flow and speed to the storage tank hence affecting the efficiency of RO pumps, pre+post carbon filter cartridges, membranes and controller circuit of the RO water purifier.

When the blockage of the Kaş escort chemical particles gets excess you notice the service light blinking or water flow shutting off suddenly.

The motor operation of the RO machines depends upon its usages because the process is continuous and if the cartridges will work excessively then the circuit would get heated up soon affecting the overall performance of the RO machines.

Conclusion: Is the AMC contract a money-saving deal?

So concluding the facts and necessary details on AMC for RO machines, hope you got all the points clearly related to the AMC contract. Still, if you are confused, you can compare your prices with the regular + emergency service charges with the AMC agreements.

It could be a money-saving deal for those who require commercial usages as it requires more service and spare replacements due to continuous long Kemer escort hours of operation.

So make sure to research the lowest maintenance cost of the different RO manufacturers and choose what fits under your long budget, because purchasing an RO water purifier is not a one-time investment, this needs a regular time to time service with the genuine and original spare parts certified by the manufacturer to work properly.

Hope the above information helps you in your buying decision related to water purifiers, there are a lot of different companies who claim their maintenance cost is low, if the usage of the RO machines is more than the moderate hours then consider opting for the Annual Maintenance Contract for water purifiers it Demre escort would help you to control your hard-earned money flowing in the replacements of RO spare parts.

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