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How to Streamline the Process for Anesthesia Billing

Anesthesia Billing

It is true that anesthesiologists are not typically a part of the care facility and have to bill separately for their services. The CRNA’s are provided directions by the anesthesiologists and can bill separately for their services which means they can be independently employed.

There is little or no margin for error for an anesthesiologist and unlike any medical specialty, it is they who keep the patients and not the surgeons. Hence if they have to worry about their payments, patient care may fall back which can be catastrophic.

Reducing operational costs, improving pre and post billing efforts can only be possible with a specialized partner. However, finding a reliable partner can be a huge challenge especially in the current circumstances. Driving ROI can only be possible if there is an experienced team that knows how to handle everything in anesthesia billing.

Sunknowledge: A complete RCM partner

Extensive experience in working with some of the leading providers across the country, ability to work as a reliable operational extension, Sunknowledge is a one-stop destination for all anesthesia billing needs.

At present, we are working with top anesthesiologists and have helped them with our task-specific services in eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management, claims submission, and accounts receivable recovery. We have reduced operational costs by 70% by working with great competence and have been driving payments for some of the largest names across the industry.

We have the expertise to deliver you the right support and that too on a timely basis. If you are looking for a perfect partner that can transform your cash flow, we are just a call away from you. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage and let us take care of your reimbursement process. We know how to elevate your flow of money with us working as a complete extension of your existing operations. Drive your growth with the Sunknowledge advantage.

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