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FeaturedHealth and Fitness

Antibodies, function and types, and their relationship to Covid 19 virus

Germs are everywhere. They live in water, in the wind, in food, in plants, and even in the human body. Rather, the immune system, with its parts, including these antibodies, plays a pivotal role in repelling these germs, which reduces the rates of abrasion sign symptoms.
Therefore, it is necessary to know what antibodies are, their functions, and the method and how to support their role in the forces of opposing pathogens.
Recommended procedures for manual cleaning are to first soak the instrument in tepid or lukewarm water or detergent bath for at least 10 minutes, preferably until all soil on the surgical instruments is softened.

1. What are antibodies?

Antibodies, also known as immune globulin, are made of the protective protein that the rule of the immune system makes. It produces a reaction due to the presence of a foreign substance or germs in the body called an antigen, which is carried out by the specialized white blood cells.
Known as lymphocytes, they produce antibodies, which in turn identify these antigens and attach to them with the aim of destroying them so that the body regains its headache treatment.

2. Antibody functions

2.1. It performs three basic functions:
The release of antibodies in the blood and mucous membrane eliminates, as they attach to and destroy foreign bodies such as pathogens and toxins.
It works to activate the complement pattern of the destruction of bacterial cells by the degradation of holes in the cell wall. Facilitates swallowing of foreign substances (phagocytosis) by phagocytes.

3. Forms of antibodies

Each type was strategically assigned with a letter attached to the word immunoglobulin, as follows: IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, and IgE.

3.1. IgA bodies

This class plays a major role in protecting the body against pathogens that attack the body by inhalation or swallowing.
It exists in overwhelming proportions in the mucous membranes such as the mucous membranes of the lungs and sinuses, saliva, tears, udder milk, and intestinal fluids.

3.2. IgM objects

The role of these bodies is crystallized in guarding cells against foreign bodies and preventing them from coming to internal users, as they are the largest protection line for your body in the of yeast infections discharge.
This class, the largest, accounts for about 5% of all antibodies present in the blood.

3.3. IgG objects

They are present in a variety of body fluids, as they constitute about seventy -75% of all antibodies present in blood and other body fluids.
Due to its small size and high readiness to spread, it moves easily in cells, and its role in protecting the body against foreign particles is crystallized by remembering the germs that were exposed to it before.
IgG is the single antibody that can cross the placenta, so it provides passive immunity to the fetus and infants in the first few months of life.

3.4. For IgE bodies

This type of medicine works to secure the body from parasitic diseases, just as it is significantly concentrated under the arrival of allergens such as dust.
Pollen, pet dander, and allergen foods.

3.5. IgD objects

Regardless of the fact that its mode of operation is not precisely intuitive at this point, it is found in small numbers in the fibers that line the abdomen or chest.

4. Tests required to detect Covid-19 immunoglobulin

The COVID-19 immunoglobulin test is based on examining the IgG and IgM bodies that the body generates in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Typically, IgM bodies are the first to trigger a reaction due to the presence of an infection.
IgG and IgM work together to fight the infection by targeting specific antigens on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
It’s noticing that tests for Covid-19 immunoglobulin cannot detect the presence of the virus.
However, it cooperates only in disclosing whether you exposing to this virus before
A genetic test is a necessary measure to diagnose Covid 19 virus.

5. How to enhance the action of antibodies?

Antibodies function

 Nutritional compounds play an essential role in helping your body to oppose viruses and bacteria, and a person counts protein from these compounds.
This is due to the fact that the antibodies that support you in killing foreign bodies are actually made of protein. just as protein-rich foods contain other food components that boost the immune system and dehydration.
Among the foods rich in routine are lentils, beans, tuna, eggs, almonds, and dairy.
 Vacant beef cuts of lard, beans, soybeans, and seafood such as oysters and carcinomas contain zinc, which supports the release of white blood cells and resilience to infectious agents.
Also, maintain a walking habit every day for a minimum of ten minutes as daily, moderate physical activity boosts the immune system.
Just as it helps the antibodies and white blood cells to move more rapidly in the body.
Reduce your levels of psychological stress and so by performing the exercise, rest, and still activities.
Research has shown that increased levels of anxiety have an effect on the functions of white blood cells and make them less reactive to inflammation.

6. Stay Healthy With Air Purifier

Health is something no one takes granted for. There are lots of diets and female muscle fitness regimes that everyone is trying to follow to their best. If you want to stay healthy then you not just need to consider what you eat. You also have to consider what you are breathing in. The air is as much an important factor as diet in any person’s health if not more. There is a concept among people that if they would stay indoors with their doors tightly sealed then they will be protected from pollution. Well, they mistake as unless and until you purify your air, you are breathing as much polluted air in your house as you would outdoor.

6.1 Why air still polluted indoors?

This thing might be confusing you why air is pollute if you are not in direct range of smoke or other pollutants. Well try to understand it like this; when harmful chemicals absorbing in the air, it doesn’t mean it will stay in that place. Air is constantly flowing and traveling which means you are in direct contact with the pollute air. If there is air coming then you are breathing in pollute air cause asthma symptoms.

6.2 How to protect from polluted air?

We have now admitted that we are as much affected by pollution as any other person. Now is the time to consider how to protect ourselves. An air purifier filters the air by removing harmful particles from indoor space. The contaminants that an air purifier removes are bacteria, mold, dust, allergens, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

6.3 Is every air purifier best?

The effectiveness of an air purifier depends on a number of factors. Some of them are:

  • What type of filter does it use?

There are different types of air purifiers available in the market and their effectiveness varies according to their filter type. Keep in mind there are some filters that are rather harmful than beneficial. Those air purifiers that release ozone are extremely harmful so avoid buying them at all cost. Each filter has its own advantages and limited points, It would be a very wise decision if you buy such an air purifier which has multiple filters to gain as many advantages as possible.

  • What is the ACH of the filter?

Another most important thing to consider is to know what the air changing per hour rate of the air purifier is, It means how frequently the air purifier is exchanging all the air inside the room. Of course, it also depends on the room size and filter capacity.

Sign Symptom

Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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