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Apple Watch GPS vs. Cellular: Which One to Buy?

Apple Watch GPS vs. Cellular: Which One to Buy?

There are decent dissimilarities between Apple Watch GPS and Apple Watch GPS + Cellular. In case you are wondering which one is better for you, you have landed on the right place. In this guide, we will try to compare these two products.


Apple Watch GPS (Wi-Fi only)

This is the most affordable model, and it is also the most lightweight model. Besides that, you will also get a better battery life as it doesn’t have the cellular function that continuously consumes power. The main disadvantage of this model is that it pretty much relies on your iPhone. Without your iPhone, it would be stripped of its many useful features. You won’t connect to the internet, make phone calls, or send/receive messages. Gladly, it starts from 199 USD, which is prominently affordable when compared with the cellular variant. Another drawback is that you only get the aluminum body. It is best for the people that always carry their iPhone with them.

Apple Watch GPS + Cellular      

You can leave your iPhone at home if you own this smartwatch as it has a built-in cellular network. You can do almost everything with this watch that you can do on your iPhone. You can use the Apple Music service on your Apple Watch and access other Podcasts apps as well. This variant comes in varied colors and materials. It is available in stainless steelaluminum, and titanium. Furthermore, you get an international emergency calling feature. This service works even if you haven’t subscribed to any cellular plan.

This model starts from 329 USD, which is not expensive either when you consider its benefits. All versions of Apple Watch GPS + Cellular comes with at least 16 GB storage, which is a clear advantage.

Besides, it has several other features that you are not getting in the GPS version, such as support for Family Setup, Apple Music streaming, LTE connection, etc.

Which One is Best for You?

It depends on what features you wish. If you want a smartwatch that works without any additional accessory, the cellular model is all you need. In case you always carry your iPhone in your pocket, you don’t need to spend on the cellular model unless you need the stainless steel casing. The standard GPS model has everything you need. It will provide you all features you expect from a smartwatch such as managing calls, texts, tracking your health, and more.

Keep in mind that the GPS version is almost lifeless when you are stripped of your iPhone. In case you forget to carry your iPhone, you won’t be able to contact anyone. On the other hand, the cellular version is a life savior when contacting someone in an emergency.

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