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Arafah day is one of the most Beautiful days of the Year


Arafah day is the most precious of days. For doing good deeds on this day, the reward increases many times. Indeed, no one but Allah knows his true greatness of him. Likewise, the extent of sins on this day increases several times.

As for Mount Arafat, this is the place where Allah honored pilgrims, and Araf’s Day is a gift from Allah to all his slaves, wherever they are. Therefore, anyone who wants to console himself because he did not perform the Hajj, visit Allah’s house and visit Mount Arafat, should take advantage of this day.

Whatever godly deed a person commits, fighting for Allah with pure intent, on the Day of Judgment he will undoubtedly see a reward for him. And one of the most important actions that bring us closer to Allah is fasting on Arafah day.

Fasting on the day of Arafah

Arafah day is the ninth day of the month of Dhu’l Hijjah (August 31st). Fasting on this day is a desirable act (sunnah). An authentic hadith narrated by Muslims and other scholars states that when the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was asked about fasting on Araf’s day, he said, “The sins of one who fasts on this day will be washed away from the previous years and subsequent “.

Faithful Aisha’s mother said to Masruk, “Oh, Masruk, haven’t you heard that the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) compared Arafah day fast with a thousand other days?” (Bayhaki, Tabarani).

Imam Ramali promised that fasting on Arafah day would wash away the big and small sins of both years. But sins in front of people will be washed away only after the guilty one has asked for forgiveness from those whom he has offended. On this day, the sick person and the traveler (in case of difficulty) may not fast. If there are no difficulties, you can fast. For those who perform Hajj, it is advisable not to fast on this day, in order to have the power to worship on Mount Arafah

Takbir Tashrik in holidays

Starting from the Fajr prayer on the 9th day of the month of Zul-Hijja (August 31), which is called the day of Arafah and continuing to the Asr prayer on the 4th day of the feast of sacrifice, i.e. 13 (September 4) this month, Muslims are expected to recite takbir tashrik after each obligatory prayer.

The proof of this are the words of the Almighty: “Remember Allah within (madudat) days” (Vacca, 203).

Interpreters of the Koran have said that a few days are the days when pilgrims are in the Mina valley. These days are also called Tashrik days.

It is said that Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, began to pronounce the takbir after the end of the morning prayer (fajr) on the day of Arafah the last time he recites the takbir after the evening prayer (asr) in the last of the days of tashrik. (Abi Sheiba mentions this tradition in Al-Musannaf).

Every man, whether he reads namaz with jamaat or alone, is obliged to recite this takbir aloud after each obligatory prayer. Women read quietly.

The following words should be said: “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illaAllahu, waAllahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lIllahil-hamd.”

(Allah is above all, Allah is above all. There is no divinity but Allah, and Allah is above all. Allah is above all and all praise belongs to Allah. ).

Recall that tomorrow is the 9th lunar month Zul-Hijja. This means – Arafah Day

If the Night of Power (laylatul-Qadr) is the best night on the calendar, then Arafah Day is the best day on the calendar.

This is the day when the pilgrims (hajjis) stay in the Arafat valley not far from Holy Mecca, this is the day when Allah accepts repentance (tawba), the answer to prayers (dua).

And on this day, those who were not destined to complete the Hajj this year can fast. On the importance of fasting on Arafah day, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that this is the atonement for the sins of 2 years: those committed last year and possible in the future.

1. Go to bed early in the evening to gain strength to worship.

2. Stand in the middle of the night and perform tahajjud namaz, do dua during prostration (sajdah), ask Allah for the blessing of this world and the eternal world, thank Him for this day.

3. Between rakats and after namaz, do many instigfar (prayers for the forgiveness of sins and mistakes), do tauba (repentance).

4. Perform the Vitr prayer.

5. Before the time of morning prayer (imsak), eat suhoor (night breakfast before fasting).

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6. Prepare for morning prayer 5 minutes before it begins.

7. Do morning prayer and stay where you prayed until dawn and another 15-30 minutes. Get started right away

Festive takbir from this time should be recited after each obligatory prayer (farz) until the 4th last holiday and at the end of the asr prayer in it. In addition to the takbir, read / listen to the Quran, do the Prophet’s morning dhikr, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

8. With the beginning of the time of the spirit, perform the Spirit-namaz, so that you will receive a reward for Hajj and Umrah together with the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

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9. During the day, if health permits, fast. If not, do not abuse the food, be restrained and spend the day as much as possible in adoration: reading / listening to the Quran, listening to lectures and sermons, dhikr of the Prophet, peace be upon him, do a lot of dua. For yourself, parents, children, relatives and friends and for the whole Ummah, also pray Allah to open the hearts of all people to his religion, etc.

10. Perform namaz during and preferably in a collective (jamaat) and in a mosque. After each mandatory namaz, don’t forget to say the festive takbirs.

11. After first evening prayer until evening read the Koran, evening azkars and do a lot of dua, until maghrib (evening) prayer. Do not forget in the dua the First Qibla of Muslims and the Third Shrine of Islam, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the peoples of Palestine, Burma and all those who suffer from violence, hunger and cold.

12. Spend iftar with your family, or invite guests to your home, or visit yourself.

May Allah direct you to good deeds and accept Arafah  Day from you

Bүgen – Garәfә kөne. Bүgen hailәr izge Mәkkәdә, Gәrәfә tavynda Allaһ Tәgalәgә dogalar kyla.

Yaratkan pәygambәrebez de bu kunne uraza totkan, gyibadәtlәren arttyrgan, Allahany zurlagan. Ә st – bezneң өchen үrnәk.

PәYGAMBәREBEZ үZ HәDisendә “Alla Alla TәMug Utynnan Garәfә Kөnennnәn Dә Kүbrәk Kotkargan Bashka KөNe Yuk …” Deep әytә. ӘMәM Kilәse El GөNarynn Kicherre “, Digәn hәdis Tә Bar. Inshallah Shulai Bulsyn!

Yes, Rabbym, dөnyaga tynychlyk actually, meselman өmmәtenә akyl, tәүfyik, berdәmlek bir. Chirle keshelәrgә sifa bir, achlyktan, suga integүchelәrne su, rizyk ben tuendyr, bela-kazalarga elәgүchelәrgә, sugish after kүrүchelәrgә yardәm, alarny yakla, sabyrlyk bir. Allaһ Tegalәm, haҗ kyluchylarnyң dogalaryn, izge sefәrlәren kabul it. Meselman kardәshlәrneң khyallaryn tormishka ashyr.

The beginning of the Muslim

The beginning of the Muslim chronology is associated with one of the most important events in the history of Islam: the Hegira, that is, the resettlement of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. After a two-week journey, on 21 September 622, he entered the borders of Medina with his companions. The beginning of the lunar year, that is the 2nd day of the month of Muharram, coincided in that year with the 16th of July. It is from this day that most of the professors of Islam count down a new era for Muslims – from the Hegira of the Messenger of Allah.

Holidays in Islam are the holy months, days and nights, which are indicated by the Almighty through his Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, as a special mercy of Allah, giving the opportunity for every Muslim to increase good deeds in order to be successful in the Hereafter.

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Allah says…

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