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Architect Or Building Designer – Who Do You Prefer?

When it comes to making your own house, you will get a number of choices to select regarding whom do you use. There are many professionals who can help you build your dream home starting from an architect to a building designer to interior designers in Gurgaon. So, are you wondering whether to go for the best architect in Gurgaon or hire a building designer? Then read this article to know which of these professionals to choose.

To start with, let’s first see who an architect is. If you think about the professional course they undertake, it is a five-year professional course of architecture after which they generally undergo practical placements. Then they have to take a registration examination before they can advertise themselves as an architect.

But designing your house, drawing the blueprint of the plan, and rendering your project is not only what they do; an architect will also help you with a realistic budget as well as guide you through necessary government rules and regulations regarding the building. Other duties of an architect include getting quotes for the materials that will be used in your home as well as the labour cost. If a consultant is needed during the building process, it is your architect who will bring in the person and communicate with him or her.

Now the question is, why people want their home or building to be designed by top architects in Delhi. The reason is, a good architect will design a building that is energy efficient, integrate with the surrounding, and give you a great layout. His or her plan will make sure that you utilize the best features of the plot on which you are building your home so that you get the maximum light, shade, and other aspects. From planning to execution, your architect will oversee your whole project along with all required paperwork. As for the cost of hiring an architect, it depends on what type of work you are going to request. Each part of the project is generally charged separately, and overall, a good architect will cost you money.

Coming to who is a building designer, frankly, it can be any person who can design a building. It can be interior designers in Delhi, or it can be an architect who is yet to sit for the registration certification exam. Most importantly, they come from a design-related background and are also knowns as draftsmen. They can do all the jobs that an architect does but most of the time, they are involved in the initial planning stage and then has to give up the job to the builder. That is because they don’t have the right qualification to calculate the technical aspects of a building (like how much should be the pillar strength, or if a cantilever can hold a specific weight, etc).

So, now that you have a basic idea about what a building designer and an architect do, let’s see what projects you should hire them for. The former is best for projects that are small, like renovation of a particular room, or extending a room which does not require complex designs. They are also great when you have a definite idea of what your future building is going to look like and need someone to draw it for you. Moreover, if the building does not need to pass strict building laws and regulations and can be done with little supervision, you can hire a building designer.

As for the architect, you hire them when it is a big project, and you are building from scratch. An architect is needed when you need professional guidance all throughout the building process and also to pass the detailed documentation a complex project needs.

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