Are the Online Quran Classes Free?

The short answer is ‘Yes.’ There are several academies that offer free online Quran classes for beginners. However, there are generally no claims by these free educational classes on providing complete knowledge of the Quran with recitation, tajweed, or translation.

On the contrary, if one decides to take up these free course materials, they must continue taking the online Quran courses because they aren’t sufficient to understand the Holy Quran fully.

Furthermore, even though the learning materials provided by these platforms are free of cost, it makes little sense to opt for it all alone.

List of Paid Online Quran courses that are better than Free courses

Although the course details mentioned below aren’t free of cost, they guarantee a comprehensive knowledge of the Quran education at an affordable price.

2 days a week course, 8 sessions per month

This online Quran course is structured for Noorani Qaida learning and the Quran recitation. Generally, these lessons are for beginner students since it is the foundation lesson of the Holy Book; generally, it’s for beginner students.

However, Quran learning isn’t influenced by age and thus, can be learned by age groups from kids, teenagers, and adults at any time during their lifetime.

Moreover, you may also expect a tajweed refresher course in this package.

3 days a week course, 12 sessions per month

This course is structured for lessons on Tajweed, Hifz, and complete Quran recitation. Since Hifz requires tremendous practice to master, this package is designed to provide the student with daily recitation sessions to ensure their complete memorization of the Quran.

Also, keep in mind that you can get all this material online via email to download them directly into your device.

4 days a week course, 16 sessions per month

This package is for basic Quran recitation and may prove the most straightforward course of all yet beneficial. Moreover, it can help refresh your knowledge of Tajweed rules.

Also, you get online email accessibility for 16 sessions per month.

This class is for advanced students who want to master the Holy Quran. This course contains almost all the Quran lessons, including Hifz, Tajweed, Quran recitation, and translation; however, much more attention is given to studying Arabic verbs and conjugations.

5 days a week course, 20 sessions per month

This is an ideal package for students who want to master the art of recitation and memorization.

If you desire a complete Quran education, choosing one or two among these classes won’t do. To get a comprehensive knowledge of the Quran with tajweed and translation, you must select at least two, preferably all five categories mentioned above.

What more can you expect from the online Quran courses?

1) Flexible learning facility:

You can learn at any time during the day or night; all you need is a device that has an online connection.

2) Translated Quran lessons:

You may find it difficult to recite the Holy Quran in Arabic only. Furthermore, reciting in Arabic is even more difficult for non-native speakers.

3) Free online demo lessons:

The educational platforms also provide free online Quran classes for first-time students. This demo session mainly involves samples of course materials, brief concepts about the Arabic language and Quran studies, and a straightforward guide to how online education works.

4) Move at your own pace:

You may find the learning materials challenging to comprehend; however, you will master the Quran learning with time and effort.

5) Certificate of course completion:

The educational platforms above mention all the details of the course completion certificate once you complete your desired level.

6) Structured syllabus for all students:

Online courses provide separate courses for all age groups and levels. For instance, there are structured Quran and Arabic syllabi for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, including the kids and adults.

7) Qualified Quran tutors:

You get many qualified and well-educated online Quran tutors on one platform in the online classes. Therefore, you can connect with them anytime and learn your course effectively.

List of courses offered in Online Classes

Quran recitation:

This course is for all levels, from beginners to advanced. It also provides online demo lessons and live sessions with the tutor regularly.


Translation course is also for all levels, and it provides instructional materials, online demo lessons, and tutoring sessions.

Tajweed rules:

It offers many courses that teach you how to recite the Quran correctly without any mistakes by learning the tajweed rules. Moreover, it also regularly provides online demo lessons and live sessions with the tutor.


Hifz classes are for all age groups, including adults, kids, and grownups. It also allows you to understand and memorize the Quran thoroughly. Moreover, the online classes ensure to assist students in doing Hifz at their own pace in the right way.


This educational platform offers you the best online courses in all aspects of learning the Quran, like recitation, tajweed rules, and translation.

Hadith (Prophet’s sayings):

There are many advanced-level courses where you learn Islamic Hadith from the best tutors.


It is one of the best platforms which teaches Quran recitation in your mother tongue, the Urdu language. In addition, it has structured courses for all age groups, from children to adults.

How To Find The Right Online Quran Academy For Your Child?

Searching for a Quran academy for your child depends on various factors. What courses study you want to pay for, whether you want a Female Quran tutor or a male tutor, type of education level you desire- beginner, intermediate, or advanced Quran lessons, are a few to name.

Furthermore, here are a few steps to find the right Quran Academy easily.

Step 1: Do Online research

Type your query in the Google search bar. For instance, ‘Quran Academy [your location/city/state]’, or ‘Best Female Quran Academy near me‘.

Step 2: Filter the results

After conducting the first step, you’ll get a complete list of all the Google top-rated academies. So, make your choice based on those results.

You may visit the websites of some academies to check their services, rates, and the quality of education they provide through testimonials or reviews.

Step 3: Make a phone call

Next, after selecting a few academies, act fast and give them a query phone call. Ask them about their years of experience, the number and quality of tutors they offer, charges, and mode of payment.

Step 4: Ask them for a free quote

if you feel sure about a particular company, ask them to provide you with a free quote before finalizing.

Step 5: Get a free trial class and make a final decision

Some online Quran academies also offer a free trial class to first=time students. So, you can ask for it too and check the education service before finalizing your answer.

How much do online Quran classes charge?

The monthly fees of these classes may range from $10 to $30, depending upon the education and course level.

Several factors influence the price of these classes, such as the number of levels, number of courses offered in that particular package, course duration, age groups taught, and tutor experience.

Disclaimer: The days and charges of the course materials may vary with different educational websites online. Therefore, this blog only provides an idea about the online Quran learning materials and not the exact concept.

Bonus Note

Therefore, we can say that online classes are very effective and beneficial for all age groups, no matter whether it’s free of cost or paid. Furthermore, there are no schedules or timings of learning, making it one of the best learning platforms for adult students who have busy schedules.

Lastly, you should know that several websites offer learning materials at affordable prices. One such academy is the Online Quran. It provides many learning courses, including recitation, tajweed rules, translation, and memorization of the Quran.

In addition, the best thing about this company is, their prices are reasonable, so almost everybody can access their classes anytime from anywhere. Also, they offer a first-class free for all students

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