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Shakespeare’s i’m not that bad you son of a marc i think it’s margo something yeah mark bill valley hello  evelyn’s original tagging with wire snips 18 gauge cloth covered oh no i didn’t get paper  oh i need the yellow she said the word stamens  machado hi welcome back for 15 months don’t come in nerd what the hell  hashtag welcome to learning you’re welcome to stream  rob yeah i’m not yelling though i’m just my voice is always like this wait she’s going so fast i’m already behind shut up lady oh this mouse is the wrong mouse  okay i need i need to cut a b danish again here hush welcome to the stream thanks for the follow i’m making paper Artificial Flowers Shop uh thursday we’re gonna crochet saturday i’m gonna stream for the last time ever i’ve decided it’s probably my last stream it’s saturday call it i’m gonna call it a day so this lady told me to print margo what’s her face from bojack horseman and uh nothing else she so i’m gonna use the little b part of the template kyra i have to do the the hot ones thing on on saturday [Applause] guys i’m kidding i just i feel like i’m gonna get banned permanently because of something that happens on saturday or dating hot sauce ding hello cassidy all right and then they said uh she said to stretch it out i did it oh just expecting something’s gonna go wrong  stretch stretch or go martindale yeah there we go margo martindale’s teaching me how to make paper artificial flowers shop we’re making a stamen right now but john stamen john staman the host of america’s funniest video singular  okay now i’m fine off the good one in the haha like i i wasn’t met wasn’t meant to be a good joke it was a i’m just saying the wrong things as a goof but never i’m never try i’m not talking  anymore  no.

artificial flowers

I think because let me try it again because it’s it’s um it’s set up as a scene it’s in my alert scene and that it has play on refresh so anytime it shows up again like i think it’ll do it on any oh no why didn’t oh because it’s not on the it’s not on the end screen scene so it shows up again but it’s on all these other scenes so it doesn’t anyway nope that’s the wrong one i wanna nope i wanna be here there we go hi i’m back now i’m using the c template  why is this like a rainbow hi emma hello welcome to the stream  no i can’t with the scissors i don’t have the my brain is dumb she won’t shut up but she’s talking so much about aliens right now you guys how dare you follow the stream redblad welcome though but how dare you honestly  wait hold on hold on hold on hold on slow down marlene okay i need i need uh i need some of the wire now red plaid hello i’m making a stamen not a john steven that’s a stupid joke yeah i’m watching a video because i can’t share the video with you because it’s on a paid website it used to be blueprint somebody it used to be something else and then somebody bought it and changed the blueprint with no e  and then uh they they did poorly  and so the guy bought it back or  something how am i doing this  i’m aligning it with the piece with the fold and i’m gluing it i’m doing it do  okay look honestly i kind of want to stop there i did it i did the first part okay now i need to i need botanist yeah i did it here’s a bad artificial flowers we’re done guys i did it now i gotta i gotta do this and i’m gonna fold this  okay now what she wants me to do is make the end of this brown morgan be honest. we’re doing it oh wait no i need to do this part first i gotta make little fringy things on [Music] there [Music] so guys who’s gonna who’s gonna crochet on thursday because uh it’s gonna go really badly grace is gonna yell at me because i it up the whole time and i uh rightfully so [Music] hi dallas hello [Music] nice i see a lot of me’s more than i saw one more than zero me’s which is what is the goal it’s more than zero [Music] okay so we got we got that and then i do a little bit of this yeah and then i take this. do and it looks like uh the middle part of a flower kinda see [Music] dallas it’s the whole point is we’re not none of us really know i mean a lot of us know i don’t know really well dallas that’s the point we’re gonna learn i didn’t know i didn’t know how to this is my first time doing this

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