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Writing and Speaking

Atmospheric Christmas sayings

Christmas is around the corner. This also includes the Christmas mail to your customers and business partners. Beautiful and contemplative Christmas sayings that invite you to think about it or make you smile are the perfect choice for the Weihnachtswünsche. Are you still looking for the right saying or quote from a famous person? Then you clicked on the right blog article! Read on right away.

Atmospheric Christmas sayings


You basically have three options for designing your business Christmas letters:

Use ready-made texts for your Christmas card to your customers

First: If you are wondering how to write a nice business Christmas greeting to your customers, what – in addition to a contemplative Christmas saying – belongs in the text and how you can circumnavigate the festive faux pas, I have something for you:

In my blog article “Nice business Christmas greeting to your customers – 14+ ready-made templates” you will find the most important tips on this topic. Plus: More than 14 ready-made sample texts that you just have to copy and – zack – your business Christmas mail is ready.

Christmas sayings to think about & beautiful

Second: Another variant for the Christmas greetings to your customers are quotes and sayings (from famous people). Sometimes a simple line of wise words is enough to make you think. Choose a suitable quote from this list of 37 beautiful and contemplative Christmas sayings to think about. Aha moment included.

Combine a free template & a contemplative Christmas saying
Third: Or … the last option: Pimp the finished text templates with one of the Christmas sayings and festive quotes from this list. That would be a nice combination solution. What is your taste? What does your target group like? There is no right and no wrong.

Well. Now we come to the well-known 37 Christmas quotes and sayings for your business mail for the festival. All of them come from famous people or public figures.


Here we go! In this list you will find 37 different quotes, sayings and some poems that you can send to your customers for Christmas. Pick out something. Happy work and ho, ho, ho!

Short Christmas sayings & Advent sayings to think about

“The best thing about giving is the glow in the recipient’s eyes.” – From Russia

“The best way to please yourself is to try to please another.” – Mark Twain

“Love should rule the world and Christmas shows that it can do it.” – Louise Otto

“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can read.” – Mark Twain

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you postpone your work until later.” – The little prince

“Christmas is not a season. It’s a feeling. ”- Edna Ferber

“The possibility that dreams can come true is what makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coelho

“There is a fulfilled life despite many unfulfilled wishes.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Contemplative Christmas sayings to think about

“This is the night that appeared to me
the kindness of the great God;
the child whom all angels serve,
brings light into my darkness
and this world and heaven light
does not give way to a hundred thousand suns. ”
– Kaspar Friedrich Nachtenhöfer

“The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is not a unique story, but a gift that will last forever.” – Martin Luther

“Hide yourselves, sunlight and moon,
you who are so proudly enthroned in the sky!
It approaches, it approaches from afar –
from the east -, the poinsettia! ”
– Franz von Pocci

Beautiful Christmas sayings to think about

“The peace of the world begins in the hearts of the people.” – Karl Jaspers

“I want to have Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year round.” – Charles Dickens

“Every day in our life should be a Christmas day when we receive and distribute peace and joy.” – Theodor Storm

“Life is not mainly facts and events. It essentially consists of the storm of thoughts that rages through everyone’s mind. ”- Mark Twain

“Oh, how nice it is when it is Christmas! I just wish that it was Christmas a little more often. ”- Astrid Lindgren

“Christmas is not a point in time and not a season, but a state of mind. To hold peace and benevolence in one’s heart, to be generous with mercy, that is, to carry the true spirit of Christmas within. ”- Calvin Coolidge


“Christmas is the big time of too much.” – James Henry Leigh Hunt

“To hold peace and benevolence in one’s heart, to be generous with mercy, that is, to carry the true spirit of Christmas within.” – Calvin Coolidge

“This is the miracle of the holy night,
that in the darkness of the earth
the bright sun is shining.
This is the miracle of the holy night
that sad people
can be very happy.
This is the miracle of the holy night:
The child takes our life in his hands,
never to let go of it. ”
Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

“Do not separate yourself from your illusions. When they are gone, you will continue to exist, but you will have ceased to live. ”- Mark Twain

“The less you need, the more you have.” – Janosch

“The greatest events are not our loudest, but our quietest hours.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Advent is a time when you have time to think about what is worth taking time for.” – Gudrun Kropp

“When we realize that the time we take for someone else is the most precious thing we can give, then we have understood the meaning of Christmas.” – Roswitha Bloch

“Christmas goods are not the real Christmas.” – Kurt Marti

“Today the Star of Bethlehem takes us straight to the department store.” – Sonja M. Grass
“Festival bells are ringing everywhere,
a thousand candles are flaming.
Only ring of joy and cheers
from happy children’s hearts.

In every city, in every nest
wherever I look
the call to the festival sounds today:
‘Happy Holidays!’ ”
– Rudolf Lowenstein

“Christmas: nights of bright candles
and the bliss of children!
And so I wish from the bottom of my heart
a wonderful time! ”
– Folk good

“The Christmas tree
Once upon a time there was a little girl
with brown cake hearts
and glitter gold and apples fine
and many colorful candles:
That was so green on Christmas
as if it was just beginning to bloom. ”
– Christian Morgenstern

“Trees shining, trees dazzling,
donate the sweet everywhere,
moving in the shine
old ‘and young heart arousing –
such a festival is ours;
some gifts adorned jewelry;
we look up and down in amazement,
back and forth and over and over again. ”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Christmas time
Christmas time.
Is it snowing?
Or not?
Christmas carols.
Again and again.
Eat cookies.
Do not forget.
Give gifts.
Thinking about others.
You to me
I to you. ”
– Frantz Wittkamp

Jahres angebrochen ist


“What is past is past and you do not know what the future may bring you. But the here and now is yours. ”- The little prince

“Life is like a journey, New Year’s Eve is like a milestone.” – Theodor Fontane

“The contemplative days between Christmas and New Year’s have already made some people lose their senses.” – Joachim Ringelnatz

“No matter how difficult yesterday was, you can always start again today.” – Buddha
I wish you a lot of joy and inspiration with these 37 Christmas sayings and quotes to think about. And let’s be honest: Even if you don’t use them all for your Christmas mail and New Year’s wishes, reading these wise words is just fine, isn’t it? Merry Christmas!

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