Avengers: How The Fantastic Four Joined Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes

Fantastic Four is a famous superhero movie series of Hollywood based on Marvel comics. It is directed by Josh Trank, Tim Story, and Oley Sassone. It is a story of four fantastic superheroes and how they use their superpowers for noble causes and their contribution towards mankind. The four main characters of this film series are Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards, Jessica Alba as Susan Storm, Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, and Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm.

According to Reed’s research, the evolution on Earth took place because of the clouds full of cosmic energy in the Space. With the permission of Dr Victor Doom, Reed goes to Space in a private Space station along with Susan, Johnny, and Ben to test the exposure to the cloud on humans. Reed actually miscalculated the time of the cloud, and it came early. With the result, they all had to rescue from that place, but the exposure was so disastrous that it affected all of them.

The after-effects of this failed experiment were strange as Reed could stretch his body parts like a rubber. Ben became a large rock-type creature. Susan could become invisible according to the situation and could also create force shields. Johnny could become a human torch and a man of fire.

Even though the Fantastic Four and the Avengers are the best teams of Marvel, still, it took the Fantastic Four a long time to join the mightiest heroes of the Earth, Avengers. The heroes of the Fantastic Four were the first family of Marvel. The FF team was very close to Marvel but still, could not manage their Space in Marvel’s Avengers for a long time. However, both of these teams have worked together several times, but all the four superheroes of the Fantastic Four have never worked together.

Here we will look how each member of the Fantastic Four team officially joined the mightiest heroes of the Earth.


According to Avengers #300 of the year 1989, all the members of the Fantastic Four did not join the Avengers. However, Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman did officially join in that volume of the Marvel comics. According to the plot of this comic, Reed and Sue were retired from the Fantastic Four team and happily raising their son, Franklin. After a few years, when Franklin was kidnapped, Reed and Sue again joined the team of superheroes, but this time they joined the Avengers before Fantastic Four. To protect their child, Reed joined Thor, Captain America, and other mightiest heroes of the Earth. Later, Reed and Sue left the team.


The rock-like Thing/Ben joined the Avengers in West Coast Avengers #9 by Steven Englehart Al Milgrom. Reed, Sue, and Ben were in a meeting at the mansion of the Avengers to clarify their reserve-member roles in the team of the Avengers. The Thing joined Luke Cage’s team of Avengers in New Avengers #1 of the year 2010. Even though Ben was a member of the Fantastic Four team, he agreed to join the Avengers as a way of getting separate from the members of Fantastic Four


Johnny Storm was the last member of the Fantastic Four to join the team of the mightiest heroes of the Earth. Johnny Storm is also known as Human Torch because he can involve himself in fire completely and can fly with the power generated by that fire. According to Ryan Stegman’s Uncanny Avengers #1 of the year 2015, Johnny Storm first joined the team Avengers along with the X-Men mutants. Johnny died apparently in this story after being in a relationship with Rogue for a short period.

After discussing how the superheroes of the Fantastic Four team joined the team of the mightiest heroes of the Earth, we can conclude that the group of Fantastic Four is shortly going to join Avengers completing their new milestone.

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