Avoid Procrastination By Ignoring Your Instant Gratification Monkey

Who Is An Instant Gratification Monkey?

An instant gratification monkey lives inside our minds and convinces us to have fun all the time. If you keep listening to him you will never be able to achieve something in life as he hates hard work. Our mind has two metaphoric creatures residing inside it. One is the instant gratification monkey also known as the emotional brain. It represents your instincts and impulses and it decides without understanding the situation. The other creature is a rational decision-maker it works based on logic and influences you to make rational decisions.

How Instant Gratification Monkey Influence You To Procrastinate?

The instant gratification monkey will force you to ignore the tasks you need to do. It will act like a procrastinator. It doesn’t care about the future; all it wants is to have fun. It will influence you to choose the easy tasks. Instant gratification monkey will try to postpone anything that requires hard work from you.

All of us are affected by procrastination in our lives. But we have to understand that procrastination will not let us achieve something great in our lives. We have to change our habits by ignoring the instant gratification monkey inside us. Start by minimizing distractions when you are working and ignore the craving you have for leisure activities.

It may seem difficult at the start but encourage yourself by giving rewards to yourself. When you defeat the instant gratification monkey and do some hard work you should appreciate yourself for doing so. Give yourself some reward after achieving something. In this way, your mind will start liking to work hard. Your habit of procrastination will be minimized and you will feel like your instant gratification monkey has gone to sleep. This will help you a lot to do constructive activities.

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