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It’s the last thing you would think a baby needs, right? With their buttery smooth skin and unadulterated complexion. After all, the expression ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom’ didn’t arise from nowhere, did it? The point is: we want to keep it that way. So baby skincare is an important element in maintaining our babies’ impossibly smooth exterior. Depending on your little one’s skin type, there is a vast array of skincare options to help retain that supple texture we adore in our children’s skin. 

As dryness and subsequent skin conditions such as eczema, cradle cap and dermatitis are     common concerns for infant children. Most skincare lines catered to babies are accommodating of their delicate skin and propensity for dryness. Here is a short list of some of the more tried and true selection of products, according to brand:


A German brand of skincare, Weleda has received a cult following for its product, Skin Food. Since their beginnings they have expanded their range to include baby skincare. Their selection includes Calendula Nappy Change cream, Calendula Body Lotion, White Mallow Body Lotion Baby Derma, White Mallow Face Cream Baby Derma and White Mallow Nappy Change Cream. 

QV Baby 

Their baby skincare line includes Skin Lotion, Moisturising Cream (a richer version of the skin lotion for extra hydration), Shower & Bath Oil and Barrier Cream. QV skincare is especially targeted toward people with more sensitive skin. Their baby range is free from colour, fragrance and other common irritants, and especially designed for babies’ delicate skin. 


The most recent offspring of the parent company, Go-to, Gro-To is here to extend the skin-loving goodness to your littlest. Their skincare products include the Skin Wizard Nourishing Baby Oil and Super Softy Nourishing Body Lotion. Each product type is decorated with a not-so scary monster caricature, so the bottles can easily double as bath toys too.

Moo Goo 

Has a very robust range of baby skincare products. Their Scalp Cream is especially designed to help soothe Cradle Cap in infants. The range also includes Soothing Moisturiser and a Nappy Balm. They have also been thoughtful enough to include Baby Nipple Balm in their selection. A product any breastfeeding mum has learnt to require more than breath in their lungs. 


This skincare line has a selection that professes to cover your baby ‘heads, shoulders, knees and little toes’! With an extensive range that includes Snug As A Bug Moisture Lotion, Rock-A-Bye Bath & Massage Oil and Nip It In The Bub Nappy & Barrier Cream, we have no doubt that they do!

The market for organic, age-and-stage appropriate skincare for babies is huge, and only growing. We have only represented a fraction of what is currently available. So it is important to do your research, scrutinise the list of ingredients on the back of any product you are using. And consult your doctor if you have any concern about your baby’s skin or notice they have a reaction to any skincare you have used on them. 

Skincare that has become incredibly crucial for bubbas is hydrocortisone cream. Whilst this has a variety of functions. It is often critical for nappy rash, that in severe cases, can leave your baby’s skin blistered and red-raw. 


This exact scenario played out for the little girl of one of my good friends. Whose mum had neglected to look at and change her daughter’s nappy for four hours, whilst looking after her recently. The little girl was inconsolable, and her grandparents could not work out why. Back in her mum’s care, her nappy was checked and it was very quickly ascertained that she had had a poo sitting in there for hours. As if this wasn’t bad enough, her grandparents had fed her off olives that morning. So the vinegary brine the olives had sat in had saturated her poo. The same one she had been sitting in for hours. Her bottom was red-raw as a result, causing the worst nappy rash her Mum had ever seen on her.

In this instance, a cream like DermaAid or Sudocrem would work effectively to heal the broken skin barrier. Whether it be caused by nappy rash, dermatitis, abrasions or eczema. Although not everyone is a fan of putting a steroid cream on their young kids, it is not as scandalous as it may initially appear. Hydrocortisone is a much more diluted form of the steroid. And not the same as the kind of steroids you hear about that athletes take as performance enhancers. The jury is still out as to whether these creams are completely safe for young children.

More natural alternatives exist, but without the incorporation of a proven medical anti-inflammatory ingredient, the effects may not be as successful. 

Special Care

It seems needless to say that special care must be taken when working out what skincare is most suitable and saf for your children. Chemicals such as talc, parabens, sulphates, glycol and propylene are just a few that should be avoided if they appear on the ingedients list of the packaging of the skincare. These harmful ingredients can be found in more than just skincare. But should also be monitored for their incluson in shampoo and conditioner and soaps marketed for young children. 

Thankfully, three days there is an abundance of resources as to tried and true products that work for babies. Many websites, forums and social media pages exist to review such products and provide other parents with their kids’ experience with the skincare and how they would rate it accordingly. There is enough science, also that can educate people of the adverse affects of particular ingredients (such as the ones listed above). Which remain favourable and safe for children to absorb into their skin. 

With such a comprehensive overview of baby-safe skincare and akin products, being a parent is perhaps becoming more empowering now than ever before. On the basis that knowledge is power. Parents now have full agency over how informed they choose to be about what goes on (and in) their children’s skin. 

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