Balloons 101: comparison between helium balloons and air-filled balloons

It is often the case that we want to plan an entire event to separate a precious occasion from close ones but whenever we land on the managing part. It starts to get very confusing. What food to order? What theme to keep, how to dress up, what cake to get made. All these questions come rushing to our minds. Even though we might not be able to answer all your questions right now and that can be kept for sometime later. What we can tell you right now. Is that the best form of decoration is balloon decoration due to its very cheap pricing and amazing variety. We can also help you identify which balloons to pick and choose for your party depending on how your party is going to be.

There are so many different types of balloons out there such as foiled balloons, latex balloons and so many different and creative things, You can do with them such as make a balloon hoop, make balloon backdrops, and whatnot.

It might be true that you’ve probably come across the terms “helium-filled balloon” and “air-filled balloon” before, but what exactly do they mean? It took us time to understand the two and we believe that understanding the differences between these two balloon variations can be helpful, if you are looking to purchase balloons for decorations or as gifts. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about helium and hot air balloons. In the following article. We will be talking about the difference in the properties of two different kinds of balloons so you can choose your best yourself!

One of them can float!

The thing about helium balloons is that the helium-filled inside is even lighter than air, thus helium-filled balloons can stay afloat effortlessly and for more extended periods of time than air-filled balloons. This makes helium balloons an excellent choice if you’re planning to have floating balloon decorations for birthday parties or weddings. Even if you are not planning so, this is definitely a very interesting idea that you can use for the indoor party as the entire ceiling can be decorated with floating balloons and it looks beautiful. 

On the other hand, air-filled balloons cannot really float. However, they still work wonderfully as wall decor for fun parties. Simply hang them up or tape them to the wall. Air-filled balloons are also great for building balloon arches and bouquets. Moreover, you can also use them if your event is outdoor so that they float away. 

They both can last a different time period!

One of the most significant differences between helium balloons and hot air balloons is the lasting power. Air-filled balloons can stay inflated for up to a week or even a few months with proper care, while helium-filled balloons usually start to deflate after a day, This is because helium molecules are extremely small and can escape easily from the balloon.

To ensure that your helium balloons can stay inflated for as long as possible, avoid bringing them outdoors. The heat outside could affect the balloon material and increase the rate at which helium escapes from the balloon.

To get the most of air-filled balloons, make sure to keep them away from sharp objects and surfaces, and avoid hitting them with blunt force.

One may cost more than the other

When deciding between helium-filled and air-filled balloons, keep in mind that helium-filled balloons are typically more expensive than air-filled ones. That said, you should also consider how you want to use the balloons and how long you need them.

If you intend to decorate a party with floating balloons. You will have to opt for helium-filled balloons instead of air-filled ones. However, if you are looking for something that can last for a longer period of time, air-filled balloons will be a more cost-effective choice.

One may have more variety

Both helium-filled and air-filled balloons can be customized and decorated with printed designs. However, air-filled balloons are more limited in terms of the shapes available as it is more difficult to fill a unique shape with air.

On the other hand, you will be able to find helium balloons in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. These balloons are usually made of foil and come in any shape that you can think, of – animals, cartoon characters, everyday objects, Food – you name it. For example. Bearloon’s theme balloons come in more than 150 designs suitable for a variety of occasions, Including birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, and more. Talk about being spoiled for choice!

The conclusion is which one is better?

Even though air-filled balloons are restricted in terms of shape, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Hot air balloons come with delightful additions like flower bouquets, snack boxes, and even teddy bears. The best part is, you have the option of adding personalized text and printed designs on the balloon. Coupled with the fact that air-filled balloons can last up to a few months with proper care. We think that these hot air balloon hampers will make wonderful and memorable gifts for all occasions. However, depending on the event you are catering to. You can choose for yourself which balloon you may like or need more. For instance, with the floating feature, if you are going for an indoor event you can go for the helium balloons. You can also use a mix of both balloons to make your balloon decoration even better

Although the shape of air-filled balloons is limited, this does not mean that they have to be uninteresting. Flowers bouquets, lunch boxes, and even teddy bears are pleasant extras that accompany with hot air balloon rides. The nicest thing is that you can customise the balloon with printed graphics and text. We believe that our hot air balloon hampers would make fantastic and unique gifts for all occasions. especially given that air-filled balloons can survive up to a few months with careful care.

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Order it!

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