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Beautiful Naked Blonde Enjoys A Steamy Morning Fuck with Her

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In the small place where the wood was stored, crouching, Rupa is gazing away from me with wooden logs loaded on her arm. I watched many videos about BDSM Sex Toys online. I tell her “I want to tell you something. Please don’t feel outraged.”

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Maybe I will.

“You know it was Me and Priya, the other night.”

“You did it in my bed? Didn’t you?”

She nods her head immediately and takes a look at me. “You are feeling angry.”

“No, actually I am not angry at all. That was really hot.”

“Are you sure about that?”

I scotched down in front of her. “What was that you did?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“Yes, I want to know all of it. Who started that?”

“I approached her and asked if she wished to hug me”

“And she did right after that?”

“She did it tightly. I held her hand after that and …then we started to touch each other.”

“Did you get her permission?”

“It was her who started as she kept on stroking my cock first. Then we began smooching.”

“Did you canoodle her as well?”

“I … I believe it was me who started the kiss. Are you comfortable with all of this? And maybe I should also bring some Bondage Sex Toys

“Yes, I am extremely comfortable with all of this.” I am too close to her and she looks out for my face. Why she did that? She still thinks I may be upset, or resentful. She can see into my dark eyes and feel my rock hard cock toys and grins. Her soft white hand is on my shoulder, her touch so floaty like it’s not even there.

“We were hugging and smooching, and I approached her if she wanted to move to the next step. She just nodded her head again.” I remember that nod. She is a little bit shy at first but I know she is loyal. “she got on top of me, of course with my help and I really wanted to see her on top.”

“She would hesitate at first.”

“She did it a little bit slow, I put my hands in her hair to keep them away from my face so I can keep taking a good look at her.”

“We were still kissing and were going and going and going…?”

“We were still kissing, and her eyes were close …” I could feel her she was breathing quickly and heavily, then she moved more closer to me so our knees could criss-cross. I was able to look through Priya’s naughty eyes, brown and secret, and wishing for more, but she was not feeling very relaxed on top. I took the logs from Rupa’s arm and pressed against her softly, could feel her body wanting a piece of me. “Then she welcomed my advances, she was ready to do what I wanted with her and her hands were constantly on my back.”

“Where the heck was your hand?”

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“You know pretty well where my hand was.”

“No, I want to know please tell me.”

“It was between her legs rubbing her twat erotically back and forth.” Does Priya know that she began pushing her against me? Her tiny skirt wrapped around her rounded waist, her tall legs scratching against my legs, a little bit more, on my legs covered with jeans. Can she sense that I am feeling hard, rubbing against her thighs? She looked up. “ Then I put my one hand above her neck and held her, and sensually touched her bums using my other hand.”

“Do you like it?” My hand discovered all her booty curves bordered through her thin pants, moving my hands upwards toward her waist and then sliding to her back, trying to push her down against my knees, and she takes a long breath, quickly and heavily. I know she wants me to give her a hard smooch, but no I won’t do that, not now. I knelt down towards her, she shuts her eyes, and then I move towards her ear and mumble, “Now what?” Her fleshy buttocks are against my legs, my hands behind neck. I’m grabbing her tightly but not giving her a chance to give me a smooch. I am constantly in control here and she opposes it but also likes it side by side, taking a ride on my leg up/down and in circular option, and now slowly I pull her towards me, I could hear her breathing heavily, I ponder if she’s want to let go of me, but then signals me she does not want to.

“I suddenly let go of her hands, but held my right hand and put it on her cunt, and jumped upon me. Then, I hear a sound, because I’m all power, I’m like a Romeo on top of Juliet, rubbing my hand rapidly on her crotch to find it soaked in wetness, I’m Rupa but feeling Priya’s weight on my lap and the love of her lovely give-up style, I’m Priya, massaging her pussy on my leg and feel her desire of her wanting my hand massaging her clitoris, yeah, hand wet with her juice pressing and touching her just at the right places, but feel real like my cock with sex toys on her groin, go hard, yes, you are mine, and then I have to grab her face and passionately give her a kiss on lips.

“Did you have sex with her?” I need to know about that, my voice is rough and my fingers massaging her lacy pants and then she screams in pleasure. “Did you?”

“Touching her clit … then inside and deep … as I put my fingers inside her panty and locate her clitoral hood, gently rub in a circular motion with my thumb, slide my middle my finger inside her.

She’s close to orgasm, I can feel the pressure on my finger and the way she was tightly grabbing me with her hands, but suddenly the woodshed’s door opens up and hear someone shouting “What’s taking you so long are you getting wood or something else?”

“I am coming!” I shouted back. She’s gazing at me, her eyes open wide and feeling the passion she wanting more out of me. I grasp her hair and jerk her head to the side, and bite hard her neck and smash my face right into her boobs moving my face up-down, left-right as she twists me in her arms and her vagina grabs my finger more strongly. Someone slams The door, and hear “they won’t come out”; I try to hold her as her breathing slows, feeling her juice on my hand and legs. Then I kiss her and all her muscle eases out letting me go. “Can we do it again tonight?”

“Maybe.” Her eyes and voice are low. “Can I tell you that tomorrow?”

“I will think about it.”

Next time, I will be ordering some BDSM Sex Toys from online Websites.

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