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Benefits of Getting Your Curtains & Drapes Installed By Experts

A home is not really a home without privacy. Several elements can add privacy to your home. But if you’re looking to add character, create a classic mood, and include privacy in your space, then you should undoubtedly install drapes by experts over anything!

Now, if you may be wondering why it’s necessary to get our curtains and drapes installed by the professional, then here it is.

Why should you consult a professional for curtains and drapes installation?

Window Experts have adequate knowledge about which curtain or drape suits your house the best, where they should be installed, and how. Also, they have additional information about the features and drawbacks of each window treatment element. Thus, check this out to learn what more they can inform you about the drapes and curtains!

1) Weatherproof

Professional ensures using suitable materials to get you the weatherproof drapes or curtains done right. And Eventually, this will also make sure they last for years and don’t require any additional repairs anytime soon. So if you want curtains and drapes that are weatherproof, you can rely on professionals for this job.

2) Fireproof

You may not know the difference between fireproof and non-fireproof curtains, but professionals can!

They can help you get an authentic fireproof drape that does complete justice to its ultimate feature and name, i.e., protection against fire.

3) Extra Security

If you’re installing new curtains and drapes, then it’s a good idea to get professionals because they can help you add security features to your home.

4) Design

Most people urge for the perfect drape and curtain look in their homes but mostly fail to do so. Moreover, it can be a success if you consult the professionals for this job. They will help you with personalized advice on what style suits your house the best.

5) Suspension

Curtains & drapes are known to be heavy fabric, which is why there must be proper hanging brackets or wires for them! If not installed properly, then they can look messy or damaged. The professionals can help you with installation for your draperies to ensure that they stay in place.

How much do professionals charge for curtains and drapes installation?

You can consult a local professional or visit their website and get an estimate. But, as for now, the professionals charge according to the following rates:

  • For one panel : $50 – $75
  • Two panels: $100 – 150
  • Three panels: $150 -250
  • Four panels: $200 – 300
  • For 5+ panels: $250 – $500

Where to find the best installation experts for drapes and curtains?

  1. Search for them on Classified websites
  2. Ask your relatives or acquaintances if they know about the best window treatment experts.
  3. Find them online. You can visit the website and get an offer or contact by phone for a detailed estimate.
  4. For example, if you’re searching for drapes and curtains installation experts in Maryland, then all you have to do is Google it and watch the results! You will get plenty of options to choose from.
  5. If you want a specific service, for example, custom curtains and drapes installation, you can Google it too! Based on their ratings, reviews, and website info, you can decide. Also, you can give them a call to learn further information about their services and rates.

Are curtains and drapes the same thing?

Drapes and curtains are almost the same things!

The only fundamental difference between them both, you may find, is that curtains are made from somewhat sheer material, whereas the drapes are mostly lined with heavy fabric to block the outside light.

However, both are available in exciting fabric designs, styles, colors, and different ranges.

How to choose between Curtains and Drapes | What is the Best?

Take into consideration the following points to help you choose what would be the best option for your home:

1) The amount of light you need in the room:

If you want sunlight to pass through your room, then you should go for curtains since they come in a variety of sheer materials while drapes block the sunlight escape.

2) Easy-to-use:

Curtains are easy to hang because they come with hooks, whereas drapes can be heavy and difficult.

3) Your style statement:

As curtains and drapes, both, are available in different styles and designs, you can go for the one that makes your home look stylish and contemporary.

4) Privacy:

Curtains are better if you look for a stylish way to add privacy to your rooms. In contrast, drapes can be your choice if you desire tranquility in your personal space.

5) Maintenance:

Curtains are easy to maintain since you can dry-clean them, whereas drapes require professional cleaning.

6) Life expectancy:

Drapes will last longer than curtains, as they tend to be more durable and sturdy.

7) Budget:

If budget is not an issue, you can go for either of the two, based on your requirements! But if it’s a bit of a struggle, then you can go with drapes because they cost less than the curtains.

Types of Curtains

When it comes to curtains, there are several options available on the market. It all depends upon your personal preferences!

1) Soft Curtains: Soft curtains are sheer fabric materials, which is easy to install in any window type. They provide insulation, yet they are very light in weight. Also, they are suitable if you want to let the sunlight pass through.

2) Room Darkening Curtains: It is also known as blackout curtains which are made from heavy-weight fabrics that block all the light from entering your room. They also provide excellent insulation and soundproofing properties.

3) Pinch Pleat Curtains: These are the most popular kinds of curtains. Pinch pleat curtains offer a crisp appearance and come in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

4) Tab Top Curtains: These are also prevalent types among curtains. They are well known for their ability to enhance the appearance of your windows.

 5) Arc Rod Pocket Curtains: This type of curtain is specially designed to fit the window with a curved top for mounting curtain rods. They are available in different sizes, shapes, styles, and materials.

Type of Drapes:

When it comes to types of drapes, there are just two options you will find on the market. These are:

1) Grommet Drapes: Grommet drapes are one of the most popular types of all! They provide you with endless design and fashion possibilities, along with maximum insulation. You can simply design them according to your own choice.

2) Tab Top Drapes: As the name suggests, Tab Top Drapes are attached with small pieces of cloth called tabs, making it easier to open and close them. These drapes are sealed at the edges so that they can provide excellent insulation in your house

3) Window scarf drapes: These are available in various colors and designs. They add classic appeal to your windows with their bead-board effect!

4) Rod Pocket Drapes: Rod pocket drapes provide a crisp appearance and come in different colors, sizes, shapes, styles, and materials.

5) Waistband Drapes: Waistband drapes fit the window that has a flat top for mounting curtain rods. They are available in different colors and materials.

Best Company for your Curtains and Drapes Installation service:

Are you planning to install curtains and drapes in your house? D.P Interiors have got your back. They are reputed, experienced, and specialized in window treatment services. So, whether your concern is about window installation, design, or repair, this company can cover it all for you.

Also, they charge an affordable price to get the most satisfactory service experience at the best price!

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