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Benefits of Playing Outdoors

  1. Stimulation of creativity

Playing outside forces children to think creatively. The children must investigate their environment, discover what surrounds them and invent a game with what they have at hand! While it is true that in the playgrounds everything is prepared for children to entertain themselves, in nature this is not the case: it is the children themselves who must seek entertainment, and that is great!

  1. Promotion of socialization

In the park your children play with other children their age, talk, have fun and even fight. These situations help them socialize, resolve conflicts, make friends and learn the established rules.

  1. Sun exposure

Walking in the sunlight is very important for the little ones (and for the dads too) since its action is necessary for the body to synthesize vitamin D, an essential component for the bones to assimilate calcium. Of course, protect your child with sun creams and a cap and avoid the hours of highest temperatures to go to the park.

  1. Experimentation of the world

When you take your children for a walk in the fresh air, you are giving them the possibility of discovering the world around them through the five senses. Children are curious and they like nothing more than discovering new things. A walk in nature allows them to feel different textures and smells, hear unknown animals, and much more! Click here to check best outdoor play equipment online.

  1. Physical exercise

One of the favorite outdoor games for children is running! Jumping, climbing, running … all these activities involve physical exercise and that is exactly what your little ones need!

  1. Family union

Getting away from home and technology for a while can help you break down communication barriers. If we put the phone aside and focus on nature, it will be easy to share with our children different activities and even be amazed with them when discovering new things!

  1. Fewer rules

Outdoors it is not necessary to respect so many rules. Of course there are safety rules that we must follow to have a good time without accidents but it is easier to relax! In the park there are no neighbors who get angry if the kids run or jump, the kids can play on the ground without dirtying the house…

  1. Release of pressures

Spending time in contact with nature helps children (and you too) to release tension. Have you tried it yet?

  1. Eye care

Outdoor play has another “collateral” benefit: the kids spend less time in front of the screens. An afternoon outdoors is an afternoon free of video games, television and / or social networks and that is always good news. Taking your children for a walk in nature you take care of their eyes, preventing them from spending too many hours in front of the screens. How about?

  1. Learning about nature

Contact with nature allows children to discover animals, plants, trees and much more. Their relationship with the environment is affected by these discoveries: a child who is regularly in contact with nature will surely be more empathetic when it comes to recycling and caring for animals and plants. Outdoor play is a fundamental pillar in child development. We know that in the day to day it is sometimes difficult to take time as parents to go to the park or to walk in nature because after all, we must work and things in the house are not done alone. However, it is important that you know the benefits of playing outdoors so that, at least a couple of times a week, you can go for a walk with your little ones.

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