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Best ASMR Apps for Android and iOS

Best ASMR Apps for Android and iOS

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a phenomenon that occurs in humans, causing a tingling sensation on your back of the neck, scalp, and the upper spine. According to scientific research, the sensation produced by ASMR generates positive feelings and euphoria in humans. This sensation generally starts in a human when they hear a special kind of sound like intimate whispering, or by tapping, squishing, or scratching over a surface. The sounds responsible for ASMR help people to reduce stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc. ASMR triggering sounds are very useful for a person who is suffering from any psychological problem, so in this article, we are going to share some best ASMR triggering apps and games that will help you to overcome your stress.


TeasEar is one of the best ASMR apps that provides you with plenty of sounds, features, and activities free of cost. And the best thing about this app is that it does not contain any ads so you will not be distracted and able to focus entirely on the sound. It also provides you with lots of elements to play with such as bubble gum, slime, yogurt, foam, and many other materials that help you relax your mind and senses. The best thing is that when you interact with these elements, you will listen to their sounds in the background. It has a vast library of a variety of sounds like kid’s laughter, dolphin’s sound, wood scratching, etc.


Tingles offer you a variety of sounds that can create ASMR sensation in your body. Unfortunately, its free version provides you with only five pre-selected sounds. So, to access all the sounds, you will have to purchase its premium plan. If you are buying its premium plan, you can access all the features and sounds created by more than 1500 fantastic content creators. It is one of the best premium ASMR apps that you should give a try.


This app offers you several categories of high-quality ASMR triggering 3D sounds. It offers you some decent features that can help you overcome your anxiety, depression, or any problem you’re facing and help you sleep better.


This is a fantastic ASMR triggering app that can help you to reduce your anxiety. Depression, insomnia, etc. Mindwell contains a series of sounds that produce a specific kind of wave that makes your mind calm, balances your emotion, and makes you sleep. It has an exclusive collection of ASMR tracks that will relieve your mind quickly, and you will sleep within a few minutes.


YouTube is the platform where ASMR sound started for the very first time. You can listen variety of ASMR sounds completely free, and I would recommend some of the best ASMR sound-producing channels such as Bob Ross for classic ASMR sounds, Gentle Whispering ASMRASMRMagic and ASMRtists Emerge.


This app is entirely free and offers you more than 100 ASMR sounds that can trigger a strange sensation behind your neck and spine, which eventually leads you to a relaxed and peaceful sleep. It also allows you to mix multiple ASMR sounds that give you a whole different feeling and makes you relax and calm.

ASMR apps are amazing to make a person calm and relax, so you should try these apps to soothe yourself. Despite these above-mentioned apps, you can try Super Slime SimulatorASMR Slicing, and ASMR Breakfast; these are other best alternatives.

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