Best Bamboo Pillows in 2021

Good quality sleep is of paramount importance for a focused and healthy lifestyle.However, apart from an honest diet and sports activity, firm mattresses and quality pillows are great contributors to farewell sleep. In this article, we’ve covered the simplest bamboo pillow reviews also as a compelling buying guide which will introduce you to different bamboo pillow types and assist you buy the proper one.

Bamboo Pillow: Overview

The bamboo pillow is an organic pillow made out of bamboo. While some manufacturers produce 100% bamboo pillows, some others include other materials together .There are many benefits of bamboo pillows and over the past few years, they’ve increasingly grown in popularity thanks to their hyperallergic properties and their composition helps users have a cool sleep freed from sweating and warmth .

They contains bamboo base viscose outer shell, additionally to other substances that keep it firm. the middle of the bamboo pillows is crammed with memory foam which proves an excellent substance for comfortable and convenient nighttime.

Bamboo pillow types

All-Natural Bamboo Pillows

Manufacturers mainly use 100% organic bamboo pulp to style natural bamboo pillows.

They’re eco-friendly. They feel spongy in-tuned and are extremely convenient to use. they’re mainly shopped for in all-summer regions where locals often face humid and tropical weather. That said, these pillows are ideal for the summer environment. The material inside the bottom is spongy and cozy on touch.

Also, special properties go towards bamboo’s heat-resistance, so it won’t absorb heat and doesn’t need re-adjusting overnight because the pillow won’t get warm. they’re also hypoallergic and effective at resisting dust and dander.

Semi-Synthetic Viscose Bamboo Pillow

The semi-synthetic bamboo pillow uses an equivalent bamboo base that’s eco-friendly, sustainable and organic. additionally to the pressed pulp, these pillows use some chemicals and bleach to press it. So, while chemical solutions don’t make it 100%-natural, it’s also not entirely synthetic material. To press and mash the bamboo manufacturers mainly introduce processes that see using material like caustic soda then use the pulp cellulose through different processes to form it harder, to finally spin it into the thread.

Note: It’s important to notice that the majority bamboo pillows available within the market aren’t made out of 100% bamboo.

They’ll mostly have viscose filling that’s made out of bamboo. they’re going to also use bamboo-shredded memory foam. Sometimes, however, they’ll ask using synthetic materials to avoid allergies .As trends change and better options are introduced pillow manufacturers combine bamboo memory foam with gel memory and burn plant .If you’re trying to find the foremost cushion-like sensation and premium quality, the simplest bamboo pillows are people who use gel memory foam and burn plant

Why Use Bamboo Pillow? Benefits of using Bamboo Pillow

There are many reasons why to use a bamboo pillow. we all know that the natural and body of the pillow has various health benefits for us. We broke those reasons down which will convince you to spring for it.

It’s hypoallergic

The original pillows aren’t completely chemical additive-free, while the semi-synthetic viscose bamboo pillows contain little amount for it.Generally speaking, they’re hypoallergic, they don’t absorb and help spread dust, dander, and pollen. Many people are concerned about themselves and their children when buying a pillow, mainly due to allergy-induced asthma and other liabilities. With a bamboo pillow, all of your worries are often dispelled.

It’s eco-friendly and sustainable

Bamboo may be a plant that’s considered eco-friendly. It’s available in vast amounts in Asia and straightforward to take care of and grow. In addition thereto , it’s fast to grow and spread.

Unlike cotton pillows, which also are popular within the market, it doesn’t require irrigation.

Most importantly, it’s degradable and recyclable, which suggests that when you not need it, it’ll need some tweaking and may be reused again.

It has anti-bacterial properties

Bamboo boasts a natural substance referred to as “maboo-kun,” which contributes to its protection and safety against bacterial effects. That said, it protects it from pest, bacteria and fungal infestation. Additionally, that material makes it immune to dust mites.

It is flexible

Many manufacturers manufacture bamboo pillows to suit some customization standards. Many pillows have zippers that allow adjusting. For example, you’ll add or remove the stuffing if you are feeling it’s not enough otherwise you feel overwhelmed. With the proper filling ratio, you’ll be ready to sleep on both stomach and back, also as sides.

It is heat-resistant

Bamboo prevents the heating and sweating of our bodies once we sleep. It’s capable of absorbing over 40% of water as compared to cotton and even quite another synthetic materials.

Make sure to seem for pillows with breathable fabric and gel-infused foam which reinforces air movement through the pillow.

It’s washable

Most pillowcases are easy to scrub both within the machine and my hands, although the 100% accuracy and reliability depend upon the manufacturer.

Note: confirm to see with the manufacturer or at declaration whether your bamboo pillowcase are often washed without dire consequences.

The same goes for using the dryer on them. While most of them are dryer-safe, it’s better safe than sorry.

Keep in mind that if you don’t dry your bamboo pillow after washing it, it can begin smelling of mold, given it’s an organic material. Always confirm to dry and care.






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