Best Counters of Mega Pidgeot in Pokemon Go

Best Counters of Mega Pidgeot in Pokemon Go

Niantic’s Pokemon Go has become more intriguing after the inclusion of Mega evolution. Gamers are now catching all the Mega Pokemon, and to make it even more interesting, Niantic has started releasing Mega Pokemon in Raid Battles. Thus, it’s time for the players to prepare themselves for the Raid. Below we have provided a proper workaround that contains the best Counters of Mega Pidgeot in Pokemon Go.




About Mega Pidgeot

Before heading further to the process, let us first briefly brief our gamers about Mega Pidgeot. Mega Pidgeot is an evolved Pokemon version of Kanto-region Pidgeot, which once used to be a starter Pokemon. He is a standard/flying-type Pokemon that can prove lethal if used wisely. Mega Pidgeot is vulnerable to Electric and Rock-type Pokemon. Below we have provided the best Counter Pokemon to Mega Pidgeot. Gamers should avoid using a fighting bug or grass-type Pokemon against Pidgeot because he is quite strong against Pokemon.

Best Counters of Mega Pidgeot in Pokemon Go

Here is the list of best Pokemon that gamers can use against Mega Pidgeot.

Once gamers have selected their preferred Pokemon lineup from this list afterward, they need to partake in Battle Raid. More importantly, players need to know that they will be rewarded with Mega energy once they have accomplished the subsequent Raid Battle. Furthermore, players need to evolve Pidgeot into Mega Pidgeot by themselves. Specifically, after gamers succeeded in achieving the Raid, they will be teleported to another battle with Pidgeot; however, this time, their contender’s size will remain normal. When they succeed in winning this battle, they will be rewarded with a Pidgeot that can be evolved into Mega form through Mega Energy.

Gamers can play Pokemon Go on their iOS and Android devices.

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