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Best Icon Packs to Get on Your Windows 10 Desktop

Best Icon Packs to Get on Your Windows 10 Desktop

There is no harm in giving a new look to your old and dull-looking desktop and tweaking a few things here and there. It is relatively easy to customize your desktop, but only a few people know that you can change your desktop icons. With the help of some icon packs, you can completely personalize everything. But note that most of the icon packs have their installers and instructions for setup procedure, while some need a third-party tool to stay on your desktop. These days, there is a massive variety of icons available, so you should ensure that you are using the best one only.


To help you out, we have listed some of the highly-praised icon packs below:

Kingdom Icons

Available in PNG or ICO format, Kingdom icons offer 51 sets of icons with images of the best of Game of Thrones and Robin Hood moments. The pack includes shields, swords, arrows, castles, crowns, and more. These icons might not resemble the apps you have on your desktop, but they will offer a great look and add dynamics to the screen.

OS X Minimalism iPack 

You must have seen the icons of this pack on macOS. Its icons are not a replica of the originals, but it is very close to them, and a person might not be able to differentiate at first glance. Along with standard system-wide icons, it includes icons for Google Chrome, Firefox, Command Prompt, Windows Media Player, and Calculator. This pack comes as a 7Z file that automatically updates itself.

RocketTheme Christmas Icons

The holiday season arrives in less than 4 months now, and this icon pack is the perfect way to elevate the monotonous look of your desktop to match the festive season’s enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the collection offers only ten icons, but they are great to bring the festive feels. It features gingerbread, candy sticks, nutcracker, and other ICO files.

Movie Mega Pack

This is an ideal icon pack for people who love to collect old and local movies. This pack contains a lot of famous films from every era in an ICO file format. There are more than 430 icons on this pack, and it will make it interesting for you to look for the apps on your desktop.

Kameleon Icons

This icon pack will be an excellent addition for people looking for a fun and modern look on their desktop apps. It contains more than 100 icons that use simple images with a bright and circular-cut background. You can find icons for all the apps, and it is available for download in PNG, ICO, or SVG file format.

Anime Summer 2017

It is perfect for all the anime fans as it brings you icons related to the famous Japanese anime and art. The pack features Konbini Kareshi, Ballroom e Youkoso, Isekai Shokudou, and Owarimonogatari icons. Unfortunately, you cannot download the complete collection at once, and you have to take the time to install each install one-by-one. These are available in ICO format.

After downloading the pack, if you’re unsure how to install and use them properly on your desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Give a right-click on the downloaded folder or file and go to Properties and click on Customize.
  2. Go to Folder icons and click on Change Icon and use the Browse button to go where you’ve saved the icon.
  3. After selecting it, do not relocate or delete the ICO file as it will cause the icon of any files using it to revert to Windows’ default white rectangle.

This article will help you find and install your best match. In case neither of these packs catch your interest, you can try Simplus, Insignia Icon Theme, Pixelated Icon Set, IconArchive, and DeviantArt.

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