Best Ideas of Online brooch for wedding | Moti mala for groom in 2021

If your Are Looking for an online brooch for a wedding or Moti mala for groom, Then, you are on the right page. Going for an online wedding brooch or Moti mala for the groom is the right decision. Because brooch for the groom is a real beauty charmer. Whether you are wearing sherwani or Indo western.

Here we will discuss some of the designs available as online brooch for weddings. And Also, we will cover Moti Mala designs too.

Introduction to wedding brooch for the groom and Moti Mala

Wedding Brooch for Groom

Brooch is basically an ornament. Or, A piece of ornamental. It comes in a shape that we can wear it on upper body garment. Brooch is Decorative jewelry. And, it can be metal made, copper made or gold made.

And, This Decorative ornament has an infinite possibility of creativeness.  This means it can be made in many creative designs. Also, you will find many innovative designs every year. You can choose the best suitable brooch for the groom. From, online brooch for wedding collection.

You can find many options of online wedding brooch for the groom.

Moti Mala for Groom

Moti is the Hindi name for Pearl. So, the String of beads is the exact word for Moti mala.  Moti Mala is also an ornament and, it can be worn by both men and women. It comes in form of original pearls.

But most of us, who can’t spend, or don’t prefer to spend too much for one function. Then, artificial Moti Mala is the best option for them.

Similarly, As Wedding brooch for the groom has a wide scope of creativity same as Moti Mala for the groom has. It comes in Lots of designs and color combinations.

Also, there are many designs where you will find a combination of brooch and Moti Mala for the Groom.

What We are Covering Here

Here We will Check out some of the designs for brooches for weddings, available online. Also, we will check out some combo of brooches and Moti Mala for the groom. They are Listed Below.

Image Source- Popin Designer

So Here We start with the first design. This is Cream with Maroon Moti Mala. It comes with 5 lines of string. And the strings are filled with an alternate combination of creamy pearl and maroon pearls.

If you are planning to wear a Cream color dress for your wedding day. This Pearl Mala suit the best. And, as you can see the maroon design on the collar of the dress going in the best match with the Moti mala for a groom.

Image source- Popin Designer

This Phone 5 Line Moti mala with Side Brooch come with 5 strings of pearl. The pearls are in golden color. This 5-line design adds a royal touch to the ornament. Also, gives a rich look.

There is a square brooch on the right side. Which is in red color. And, the square is in cream pearl border. Now, this gives you three options for matching. If you have Safa or pajama in any of these three colors, then, this combination will rock.

Image Source- Popin Designer

Look stunning with a Gold one-side brooch Moti mala. There is a huge amount to play creatively with this ornament. Although, it is almost similar to the previous design. But it has a difference in color.

There is a minor difference in color combination. If you check the brooch on the right-hand side the square brooch is in red. And, its border is in color match with 5 Moti Mala.

This ornament is looking fabulous with the dress in the picture. The pocket border and collar are beautifully matching with the Moti Mala brooch.

Image Source- Popin Designer

Here Comes one of the royal Moti Mala for Groom. It is in 3 lines of pearl. The two outer edge lines are in cream color and the middle designer line is in gold color with two round connects near the neck.

As you can see in the image it is looking regency. Especially with a black dress. Also, this will give the perfect match if you wear it on cream or dark maroon dress. This Royal design will complete your royal presence in the function.

Image Source- Popin Designer

Green is another eye-catching color. Especially if we talk about Indian weddings. Indian weddings are a combination of many rainbows.

This design has 5 lines and each line has green pearls in the center. And, the best part of the strings is filled with cream pearls. And, both said has round-shaped holders with green color in the center.


Image Source- Popin Designer

This is the last design out of today’s selected design. It is in simple cream color. But It has two attractions. It has 5 lines of pearl. And, all 5 strings have a decent distance from each other. If we compare the earlier discussed designer, they were near to each other.

The rectangular brooch on the right side is the second attraction. It has a golden border and it has 3 designs in the center, in maroon color.

It will go stunning with cream, black, and maroon color wedding dress.


These all designs are picked from Popin Designer’s online Mala Brooch collection. Popin is one of the best stores for a designer online brooch for weddings. Also, visit their online store to check out the collection of Moti mala for a groom.

So these were some of the top designs for an online brooch for weddings and Moti mala for the groom, Which can suit best with your beautiful wedding dress in 2021.









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