Best Multiple Choice Questions book for Competitive Exams

Changing trends in the competitive exams

undergraduates finishing up their mechanical and electrical degrees start doing their preparations for different competitive exams. Their practice often improves by a lot of margins by practicing the MCQ or subjective pattern of questions. Before the exams, interviews, and tests practicing these types of questions helps a lot. Moreover, it is very useful in competitive exams like GATE and SSC JE. In these exams, the questions are mainly of type objective. Candidates pursuing their graduation in mechanical engineering have some other different plans as well. These plans are mostly according to the future career opportunities presented by the engineering degree. But these plans might get change as time passes.

Even if a candidate has decided upon something, it is advisable to explore the other options present. Mechanical Engineering creates a number of great engineers every year. It is one of the few branches of engineering that is able to provide better jobs to many deserving students. There are ample opportunities post-B.Tech in different sectors for talented students. Proper knowledge of the subject is a must to get the benefits from these opportunities present. Provides high-quality educational and training materials to all engineering students. Engineers Academy Publication has made a strong mark. The books and coaching material is designed and curated as to serve a guide for all the aspirants. Whether a student is preparing to compete for any exam in their respective fields of study, EA publications have books for everyone.

Competitive EXam

Competitive exams like GATE and SSC JE include MCQ-style questions that are challenging to answer and need conceptual understanding on the side of the candidate. MCQ for mechanical engineering is an important aspect for which a coaching class helps a lot. During the preparation, one should be aware of all the available resources. Engineers Academy aims to prepare students for all types of competitive exams. The EA publication vertical of the engineer’s academy is of great help for engineering students during their studies. From the perspective of analysis, the MCQ for Electrical engineering is fully covered. EA publications provide books and postal Coaching materials, helping in clearing many competitive papers.

Importance of multiple choice questions

Solving MCQ problems challenges the knowledge of an aspirant regarding the Subject. It is preferred and highly recommended by the coaching experts to prepare Strongly for the MCQ pattern before exams. The best institution currently helping The students master their preparations is the Engineers Academy. Getting MCQ for Electrical engineering and MCQ for mechanical engineering publications from Engineers Academy has become the first choice for students.

The questions in their Books are available with a proper solution in the most simplified language. Thus this Has helped students crack different engineering competitive exams. For so many Years the postal course of Engineers Academy publications has been the best. It is of great advantage to students as they can get all their coaching material in one place. MCQ questions for different engineering branches are also available on the EA Publications website. Solving problems gives an extra edge and confidence to a This is quite beneficial for planning. The following benefits could possibly help explain this:

* better analysis of the concepts and covers a large part of the course in a few Questions.

* The MCQ pattern of questions is frequently asked in many competitive exams.

* increases students’ attentiveness and problem-solving skills.

* The learning outcome is very effective in the context of complex questions.

*MCQ pattern of questions is more oriented toward the practical approach of the Topic.

MCQ for electrical engineering

Engineer Academy Publications MCQ for electrical engineering books covers a wide range of electrical engineering subjects including analog and digital communications, etc. The pattern of the books and study material is designed so as to help all types of students whether weak or strong with the concepts. Starting with the basic questions and ranging to advanced topics, EA publications cover all the topics deeply. Postal courses have complete educational resources on basic electrical engineering helping students clear all their subject doubts. The books available at the EA publications for MCQ for electrical engineering contain a collection of more than 8500+ questions. The best part about these books is that they are designed and curated by subject experts. They are the ones who helped in giving the best results from the country in the competitive exams.

MCQ for mechanical engineering

One of the trusted study material publications for practicing MCQ for mechanical engineering is the EA publications. The book available there contains an exhaustive collection of more than 5000+ MCQs with solutions explained in easy language for engineering students of Mechanical Engineering. These books act as a helping guide to the candidates appearing for State and Central Level Services Exams, SSC JE, and other Technical Exams as well. The postal course for mechanical engineering covers all the different subjects to practice during the preparations and is available at a very low cost as compared to other competitive publications.

Postal courses available at EA publications

The EA Publishers provides competitive exam books on different subjects for exams like GATE, SSC JE, etc. The Engineers Academy publications are also providing books for all the different engineering streams. Giving quality resource material and books for so many years has made EA publications the best. For Technical & Non-Technical Subjects and exams it has the best content in the market. The course and syllabus are written with a balanced approach thinking about both the theory and practice. This is done along with illustrations for better comprehension. The coaching material has been designed and curated by highly skilled experts keeping in mind the exam pattern. Because of these experienced faculty, the EA publication vertical is the best among the other competitors in the market.

Why Should you Buy Postal Course from EA Publication?

The content quality of the EA publication is trustworthy. It is taken only from competent resources and after thorough research by faculty experts. MCQ for electrical and mechanical engineering and books for theory questions are also provided by the EA publications. If any student is wishing to get their competitive exam postal course then Engineers Academy Publications is the best choice. The questions are designed according to the mental level of every student. From basic electrical questions to advanced calculations, everything is covered. To improve the study of mcq questions for mechanical engineering do refer to the EA publications website. The books for mechanical engineering are perfectly written.

They contain a collection of the most recent and relevant topics regarding the paper. With more than 7500+ MCQ  along with the solution explained in simple language. Sample papers for different competitive exams are also available in the EA publications. This helps a lot of the students to practice their concepts at the last moment. The question papers are prepared by keeping the idea of the paper pattern and exam syllabus. MCQ questions demand more practice than other theory questions. Thus they should be practiced more and more.


From the perspective of an examination, the MCQ pattern of questions is very important and is asked in a great number most of the competitive papers. Solving  MCQ questions challenges the concept clarity and knowledge of multiple topics for any aspirant. To get your books for MCQ for Electrical engineering, and MCQ for Mechanical engineering then the Engineers Academy Publications is the best place. The aspirants who are looking for the best study notes, and postal course material for mechanical and electrical engineering can download them from EA publications. The notes and study resources will help you in solving all your queries related to the examination preparation. The previous year solved question papers for any competitive examination and the course adds extra value to the coaching material. The same is followed in the course structure from Engineers Academy.

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