Best Supernatural K-dramas To Put In Watchlist

Best Supernatural Kdramas

From trolls, phantoms, gumihos to vampires, here’s my best rundown of powerful Kdrama. You can easily generate the character names using an online hero name generator tool.

List of Supernatural Korean Dramas

The Witch’s Diner Kdrama – evaluated 8 stars

The Witch’s Diner is controlled by the witch Jo Hee Ra and it serves food that award wishes as a trade-off for something. Her associate Jung Jin is the primary client to attempt the witch’s food and satisfies her vengeance wish. Jung Jin works in the burger joint and would consistently attempt to caution the new clients that there’s a robust cost in return for their desires.

My Roommate is a Gumiho Kdrama – appraised 8.5 stars

A male gumiho, Shin Woo Yeo, lost his fox dot to a female understudy, Lee Dam. To keep the dot protected and near him, he requests that she live with him in his home until he tracks down a way to take it back. Nonetheless, hanging out brings both of them closer.

Doom at Your Service Kdrama – evaluated 8 stars

Tak Dong Kyung carries on with a common life until she understands that she is kicking the bucket. She just has 3 months to live. She meets Myul Mang, the individual portrayal of destruction, and winds up consenting to a 100-day contract with him.

Great Real Estate Kdrama – appraised 8 stars

Hong Ji Ah is an excellent exorcist. She’s additionally a land intermediary and is the proprietor of Daebak Real Estate. She gets properties free from awful spirits and apparitions prior to selling them. At some point, she crosses paths with Oh In Bum, an individual who attempts to con landowners by selling them an instrument he claims would drive away awful spirits.

The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Kdrama – evaluated 8 stars

Lee Yun is a 1,000-year-old gumiho who used to be a mountain soul who could handle the air and the downpour. As a trade-off for the resurrection of his human first love, he quit any pretense of being the leader of nature. Lee Yun currently lives in the current world committing his life to dispose of underhanded spirits meandering around the human world. He meets Nam Ji Ah, a TV show maker, who absolutely resembles his previous love.

Zombie Detective Kdrama – appraised 8 stars

Kim Moo Young had been living in a town like a zombie for the past two years and figured out how to move and behave like a true live individual. He moves to the city and assumes control over the personality of a dead criminal investigator. While beginning his investigator work, he meets Gong Sun Ji, who takes a premium functioning as an analyst partner.

Hotel del Luna Kdrama – evaluated 9.5 stars

Inn del Luna is claimed by Jang Man Wol who has been around for the north of a century, caught in the middle of the universe of the living and the dead. Her lodging takes into account the necessities and wishes of those spirits before they would continue to eternity. Lodging del Luna gets another chief who is a living human to deal with all the paper works and different things which manages the universe of the living and he is no other than Goo Chang Sung, an all-around looking administrator in his field.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Kdrama – evaluated 7.5 stars

A heavenly messenger messes up his last mission. Rather than taking the spirit of a ballet dancer, he saves her from the edge of death. He is allowed however another opportunity, a mission to make the ballet dancer experience passionate feelings. Anyway, she is one troublesome soul and that gives our heavenly messenger trouble. Eventually, she experiences passionate feelings yet no other than with the heavenly messenger himself.

Abyss Kdrama – appraised 8 stars

Go Se Yun and Cha Min are old buddies. The two of them passed on and were restored to the force of the Abyss. In spite of the fact that they’re up and alive, their looks are not the same as in the past. Together, they’ll attempt to live knowing one another’s confidentiality and inseparably tackle the homicide case behind Go Se Yun’s passing.

That Man Oh Soo Kdrama – evaluated 6.5 stars

Goodness Soo is a fruitful IT subject matter expert yet, in addition, the relative of a destined family to tend a strange tree that discharges enchantment dust. Gracious Soo, while attempting to give a beverage to someone with dust to become hopelessly enamored, his cop neighbor inadvertently drank it. They fall head over heels for one another however one is placed in harm’s way, as it is the scourge of the tree.

A Korean Odyssey Kdrama – evaluated 8.5 stars

Child Oh Gong, the monkey lord will undoubtedly ensure Jin Seon Mi through a strong wristband called Geumganggo. The geumganggul has the ability to subjugate him by making him experience passionate feelings for the individual who let him wear the wristband and secure that individual earnestly. So Son Oh Gong has been chasing after Jin Seon Mi and shielding her from all underhanded spirits which are irritating her.

Black Kdrama – appraised 7.5 stars

Messenger of death #444 is later an understudy who needs to live again utilizing another person’s body. The best way to catch the runaway student is likewise having somebody’s dead body. Soul harvester out of nowhere has another personality and subsequent to meeting a young lady who sees shadows of death, he’s turning out to be increasingly human.

Reunited Worlds Kdrama – appraised 7.5 stars

Sung Hye Sung passed on when he was in secondary school and his extraordinary companion, Jung Won faulted herself for that. After 12 years Sung Hye Sung returns to the living scene and searches for his loved ones who have all matured 12 years more established. He is brought together with Jung Won who is presently filling in as a partner at a café.

Bride of the Water God Kdrama – appraised 7 stars

Habaek, the water god, leaves the domains of the divine beings for the human world to search for the heavenly stones. He then, at that point, meets So Ah, a therapist who is the relative of the workers of the divine beings. While searching for the stones and remaining at her place, the 2 become hopelessly enamored with one another.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Kdrama – evaluated 8.5 stars

Do Bong Soon has a superpower that is just passed down to the ladies in her family. She has the solidarity to quit moving vehicles or move weighty obstructions. She can smash and curve anything with her uncovered hands, can battle solid and prepared hoodlums. However, doesn’t can handle her powers until she meets Ainsoft CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk. With her craving to function as a game engineer at Ainsoft. She takes the proposal to be the guardian of the CEO.

Goblin Kdrama – appraised 9.5 stars

Kim Shin, a bold hero during the Goryeo period and was a devoted worker to his ruler, met his end on account of his lord. Because of the number of individuals he had killed in the war zone, he was rebuffed and was given the assignment of a Goblin, satisfying frantic individuals’ desires and for the discipline, he will live seemingly forever and will get to see individuals near him bite the dust before him. Because of his intense solicitation, the godliness allowed him an opportunity by giving him a spouse who is bound to end his wretchedness.

The Legend of the Blue Sea Kdrama – evaluated 8.5 stars

Brought into the world right now as Shim Chung and Heo Joon Jae. This couple who had a disastrous love in the past meet again and are bound to fall head over heels once more. 

Since Sim Chung is a mermaid and makes some restricted memories ashore. She needs to catch Heo Joon Jae’s heart so she could be adored by him consequently and will make her visit ashore conceivable. The couple is confronting a likelihood to rehash everything in the past including their dismal end. Yet will a glad closure be conceivable this time?

W Kdrama – evaluated 10 stars

Our specialist champion, Yun Joo, went into the webtoon world to save the flawless and very rich Kang Chul of W webtoon series that her own dad made. She had the option to get back to this present reality. However, would forever be brought back particularly when Kang Chul required her.


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