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Best Tech for Remote Work

Opportunities to work from home are growing, and those looking to explore different cultures are finding the same experience too with the launch of many different remote working visas enabling more travel whilst working for the digital nomad community which has grown rapidly over the past two years – but there’s often one thing many need to get right whether working from the comfort of the home or whilst on the road, and that’s the tech choices. So, for all work loads and all niches, what’s the best tech for remote work purposes?

Lightweight & Modular Devices – Laptops and phones will be an essential piece of kit, and for the most part will be the longest lasting with few issue popping up – but when issues do appear they can tend to be the most expensive or most frustrating to fix. Lightweight is certainly key for portability but having something modular that’s easy to take apart and fix, or to upgrade too is just as important. Professional repair can be expensive and in the case of some devices only authorised repair facilities should be used or be at risk of the device no longer functioning, and for phones and laptops for example older doesn’t necessarily mean worse as they can come with some great hardware features that modern device no longer do.

Pay a little for peripherals – With remote conferences and calls becoming more common too, having a high quality webcam and microphone are also more important than it once was and paying just a little more here can lead to some great results – there’s no need to go out and buy a studio microphone but something that’s good enough to cut out the background noise is great, similarly with a webcam it doesn’t need to be good enough to see a grain of sand but enough to be fully HD will go a long way.

Don’t skimp on headphones, either – Something for both the work from home type and those travelling but invest in a good pair of headphones or in ear monitors – some will have qualities like noise cancellation for background sounds which is great especially when in a busy area, some more breathable for a hot climate and comfort wearing all day. The most important thing however is simply to have something with great sound quality for all purposes, but also be durable and comfortable for the days where meetings go on longer than anticipated too. Spend a little more and reap the benefits of having some more fit for purpose.

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