Best Tips and Tricks to Make the Most Out of Discord

Best Tips and Tricks to Make the Most Out of Discord

Discord is known as one of the most efficient communication platforms on the web. Two of the significant problems players face during video games are how to talk to other players and how to organize people for such a long time. Discord resolves these two major issues by providing a free platform with a unique blend of video and voice chat features.


In this article, we will mention some best tips and tricks you can follow to make the most out of Discord if you are new to this platform:

Use Desktop Application

If you have become a frequent user of Discord, then you should download the desktop app which provides more functionality and advanced features in comparison to the Discord website. The app also eliminates the lag issues you face on its website.

Use Discord Hotkeys

After downloading the Discord app on your PC, you can learn about its various keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys. These hotkeys improve functionality and help you to perform multiple tasks efficiently. Once you memorize these hotkeys, you won’t need to go through various menus for specific functions.

Discord Keybinds

Just like hotkeys, Discord’s Keybinds allows you to set specific actions by creating your keybinds. To do so, go to “User Settings” and then click on “Keybinds” and then hit the “Record keyboard” to set your key combination and action. You can set keybinds for various activities like Activating Overlay Chat, Pushing to Talk (Normal/Priority), Toggling VAD, Toggling streaming mode, Toggling Deafen, Toggling Mute, and Toggling Overlay Lock.

Download the Discord Mobile App

The Discord Mobile App can be accessed across both platforms: iOS and Android. The mobile application will make sure you do not get interrupted by notifications while playing the game. Other than that, you can also take your Discord channels, chats, and servers wherever you go with the mobile app.

Discord Notification

Discord gives you full control over the notifications. To take control of your notifications, go to “User Settings” and then click on “Notifications.” You can also control other options like muting servers and channels.

Use Chatbots

Unlike Twitter bots, Discord bots can enhance your user-experience with Discord by giving access to multiple features and plugins. The Discord bots can assist you in finding the right channel to tune into and perform various tasks like playing music. There are a lot of Discord bots that can help you to perform multiple functions for you to create a better user experience.

Format your Text

Being a messaging app, Discord enables you to send messages to your friends neatly and cleanly. You can take your messaging game to the next level by adding some codes to format your text. You can add various styling combinations before and after your text and Discord will format your text accordingly.

Chat Commands

Apart from formatting your text, you can also send Chat Commands to perform various functions in your text box. You can add multiple actions rather than adding emojis in your text.

Change your Nickname

Another fantastic feature of Discord is that it enables you to change your nickname on whichever server you are on at the time. To perform this function, make sure you have granted “Change Nickname” permission.

Server Folders

Discord introduced Server Folders in 2019 after a lot of users asked to add this function. Server Folders enables you to organize your servers into manageable groups. If you are a member of multiple groups, then Server Folders will make your life easier. To create a Server Folder, drag a server over another server and release it. This will create a folder containing two servers, and it enables you to add and remove further servers by using the same method.


Discord has established itself as a major messaging application with some advanced features. The tips and tricks, as mentioned above, will give you better control over Discord.

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