Best Yoga Poses That Can Reduce Symptoms Of Depression

What is depression?

Depression today is a household name and more or less the symptoms are present in every individual today. This is a common as well as serious medical illness which results in variations in one’s feelings. This disorder as not thought by many is treatable and that too sometimes without medicine. Therapy can be a major medicine for this disease and “Yoga” is one of the best forms of it. Depression generally causes loss of interest or makes you feel negative and can take serious form if not treated.

Causes of depression?

Well, one’s lifestyle can be a major negative cause for depression but apart from it also sexual abuse, torture, physical abuse, certain medicine, stress, work, gender, age death, loss, etc can be it’s some causes.

Symptoms of depression-

There is a major difference between someone being sad and someone being depressed. This can be identified by several symptoms that a depressed person will have. Some of the major symptoms can be a hopeless attitude towards everything, loss of interest in any work where he/she is a part of, sleep disorder, fatigue issue, anxiety, change in weight or aptitude, irritability towards mankind and fellow people, accepting death, uncontrollable emotions, etc.

Below are the yoga asanas or poses that the best yoga schools in Rishikesh recommend for depression.

Poses that can reduce symptoms of depression-

This pose calms the body down and activates your muscles making you fresh and rejuvenated. This pose is also helpful for your mind and helps one focus on their breath. The benefit of this pose is this relaxes the body works on the spine, knee erector spine, quadriceps, and ankles. This is also therapeutic for people having problems with high blood pressure and in this, it also reduces stress and tension. Freshen up the mind reducing all the symptoms that usually cause depression and making life healthy. Helps in digestion and also reduces asthma helping in all sorts of breathing problems. In order, the sleep cycle and life change affect all the symptoms causing depression.

The tree pose helps in focusing the inward of the body and also makes oneself focused. This requires a lot of determination and strength which motivates a person and in order reduces all the negative thoughts. Also, the pose strengthens the leg muscles knee psoas, abdominals, tibialis anterior. The pose also works on neuromuscular coordination. This is directly related to symptoms of depression thus improving all these conditions. Calms one’s body and helps nerves function properly. Also works on alertness and concentration making one determined to work well. Thus the tree pose helps in fighting depression and its symptoms. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh also has this pose as one of the most important poses of yoga to fight back depression.

This pose brings full energy to one’s body and is a very happy and self-motivating pose. Thus this pose is also considered as one of the best poses for treating anxiety or symptoms of depression. This is a fast pose and brings in an adrenaline rush to the body. The triangle pose helps in developing altissimo Dorsi, internal oblique gluteus, Maximus and medius, hamstrings, quadriceps. The main aim of this pose is to reduce stress and increase metabolism which helps inflow of positive energy. This is a driving pose and thus can be considered as one of the poses for treating symptoms of depression.

The Fish pose strengthens back muscle and reduced any sort of problem from the spinal cord to the back. This pose enhances the back strength-enhancing confidence in one’s mind. Works on the following muscle:

The fish pose all in one relaxes the front portion and also strengthens it. You will feel rejuvenated and fresh after each of these poses and thus this pose also helps one fight back anxiety and depression.

The child’s pose is a pose that eventually relaxes the front portion of the body. Makes it feel weightless and this results in loss of anxiety and stress. The child’s pose also helps in energizing the body filling it with all the positive energy. This pose has very effective results in calming the body. All your stress will seem to evaporate if you practice the child’s pose. Also if you have knee pain or you are pregnant please avoid this pose.

This is a lying-down pose and you have to keep your legs straight up to the wall. This pose entirely focuses on the lower portion and also helps in recovery from any sort of knee problem or back problem. This is one such pose that is believed to be a great one for more than one disease. Many yoga trainers’ or practitioners believe this pose is a treatment for so many ailments.  This pose will help fight anxiety and stress will reduce tension and calm one’s body down. Thus this one is a really helpful pose. Also practicing this several times will help you perform head yoga as well. These types make one’s body and most importantly the mind strong.

Forward fold is a pose that will fold your back and stretch the entire body. The body stretching will eventually result in relaxation and calming. This also develops the strength of your body making it strong. Reduces belly fat and increases positivity in one’s body. Thus this pose is very helpful for dealing with anxiety and pressure. Also with increasing flexibility and routine lifestyle, your daily lifestyle will be balanced resulting in the reduction of all the negative thoughts and feelings. The forward fold is also one such beneficial pose that helps in reducing any sort of depression and related symptoms.

This pose is very famous and loved by so many people. All you need to do in this pose is close your eyes, lie down and relax. This pose allows one to let go of everything and brings the body to a position where everything seems calm and as if all has stopped. Helps in the treatment of symptoms of depression and is one of the most relaxing poses ever. This pose will calm the entire body and mind thus helping treat such a disease.  This requires no folding and stretching it requires only lying down and that’s all one needs to do. You should not carry any thoughts with you while you are doing this pose. And that is all that one needs to do just lie down.

Why Yoga is helpful for depression?

Yoga which is a mild exercise has a great impact on depression. One can treat a huge level of depression or even a serious sage through the practice of Yoga.  Thus one of the best and easiest ways to treat depression is the practice of several yoga poses. There are also dedicated Yoga poses for this purpose.

How Yoga is helpful for depression?

Yoga has several poses which calm the body. It helps you forget all the stress and tension one has and allows him or her to look in the positive aspect of life. Yoga helps you treat all the symptoms that lead to depression. It helps you to control anxiety and stress and helps you to relax and calm down. Yoga also builds positive energy one which improves one’s mood and relaxes the mind. This reduces stress and anxiety which helps in a greater metabolism.

Also, Yoga is something that an adult, middle-aged, and old anyone can do. This is a very easy, budget-friendly therapy as well as effective. Thus Yoga enhances one’s sold, body and mind and develops a person from within. Yoga also makes one’s mind and changes the thinking and personality all these elements come together and work as a healing element for the person who is suffering. That’s why Yoga is considered to be one of the medicines for so many harsh and difficult diseases.

Best time for Yoga practice-

The best time to do Yoga is early in the morning when the bowel is empt6. Also for people suffering from symptoms of depression, this has to be a perfect time. A quiet place with the sounds of birds and silence prevailing around you will treat your depression and its causes internally. Thus morning has to be the best time also the morning air is very beneficial. The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh also teaches its trainers some of these very important points. Learning from these graduated people can be very helpful and beneficial. Also with a fresh start in the morning, the entire day tends to be good and full of energy. This is the reason why many prefer yoga in the morning.


Thus what we can conclude is that “Yog” or “Yoga” can be the ultimate treatment for so many deadly diseases. This is one such medium, source, a process that only is beneficial for the body, soul, and mind without any side effects. These were a few of the poses that one can practice to fight depression and its symptoms. All the poses that have been mentioned above generally make a person’s personality strong. This change in mindset results in fighting several diseases and thus depression also is one such disease.

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