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Boruto: Is Mugino the Worst Sensei Ever for the Protagonist?

Naruto Uzumaki had the privilege of learning from great mentors like Kakashi and Jiraiya. Following the footsteps of the great men who taught him, Naruto created an identity for himself and achieved great things. So, mentors are very crucial not just for becoming more potent but also for spiritual growth. Naruto’s son, Boruto, has had several mentors that are very interesting and competent at what they do. But Konohamaru and Sasuke have remained the most prominent in his training.


In the last episode, we see Boruto get in a lot of trouble. When he visits Sakuya’s castle to procure the Hashirama Cell, he becomes the victim of an elaborate plan. Boruto spotted Sakuya’s murderers at the scene of the crime, but before he can inform anyone, the assassins are able to turn the tables on him. They make it appear as if Boruto has murdered Sakuya while they flee with a Hashirama cell. In a spot, Boruto has no time to explain himself to the angry villagers who want to seek revenge. He gets a new sensei who helps him escape, but he realizes that he is probably his worst mentor ever.

When Team 7 went to the Land of Silence to investigate, they were joined by unconventional Mugino. He was the one with all the secret information on the black market where the Hashirama cell was being traded. He also knew about the Konoha shinobi that were roaming in the Land of Silence. His knowledge in such matters made him the ideal man to work with for the case. But unfortunately, when they can finally trace the DNA to Sakuya, they fail to take it, and Boruto is even framed for murder. They are now in a pickle as they have to somehow get rid of the bloodthirsty mob without fighting them. Konohamaru, who is disguised as Kirisaki, successfully takes the crowd’s attention away from others; Boruto gets away with Mugino, who knows more about the place.

The assassins had left a unique perfume on the body of Boruto, which makes it very hard for him to escape since the smell can be used to track him down. Mugino knows this, and he comes up with a very unorthodox plan to escape. He tells Boruto that they have to jump down the drain to trick the mob and protect themselves. This will also help them get rid of the smell of the perfume on the body of Boruto. This seems like a very well thought out and a logical plan. But Boruto is not so sure about it as he is hesitant to jump in the sewage.

Mugino understands what Boruto is thinking so he doesn’t deliberate much with him. Instead, he goes behind his back and literally kicks him in the drain. He follows Boruto and jumps into the drain as well. When they finally get out, they smell terrible, but they assume that now the perfume’s scent won’t bother them, but they can’t be more wrong. The mob uses dogs who can still smell whatever little fragrance is left of the unique perfume. Mugino can now see the holes in his otherwise brilliant plan as he apologizes to Boruto, who is irked by the situation.

Boruto is very upset with the way things have turned out. He berates Mugino for his poor judgment and lack of foresight. He just wants to get away from his new mentor, who he now detests. Boruto loses all his confidence in him, but lucky for them, they are able to steal an airship to get away from the angry mob. There is also a very low possibility that Mugino will, in any way, create a situation that can cause another issue for them since they will be in the airship. But their lousy lack chases them even here as the plan fails, though with no fault of Mugino this time. They are lucky to have Konohamaru and Sarada by their side, as they are shot down only after both of them join up. Boruto realizes that maybe Mugino is the worst sensei he has ever had.

Source-Mugino the Worst Sensei 

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