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The Luxury Bridal Dream

Reviewing today; bridals of Zuria Dor. I think we can all agree Zuria Dor bridal dresses are dreamy that are bound to make anyone feel like they either belong in a Disney film or up in the clouds amongst fairies; be it barat and walima dresses or just luxury formal dresses. It’s hard to pick favorites in any of its collections, because let’s be honest, the attention to detail and the colors for each of the outfits is to die for, but I shall try. Let’s take a look at my favorites from some of my favorite collections and you can let me know yours in the comments below.

Let’s talk about top luxury bridal wear by which is included in top luxury brands for its adorable bridal dresses including walima dresses, mehndi dresses, and a luxury formal collection. 

Imani Collection

”In an elegant ode to tradition, meticulously embroidered and intricately embellished Imani formal collection makes an ideal statement for formal occasions. Each carefully crafted dress uplifts a woman’s sophisticated look that never fails to impress.”

This collection is an ode to elegancy. With its light hues and intricate details, it really is hard to pick a favorite, but if I were to be held at gunpoint and I absolutely had to choose, this lilac pishwas would be it. It has nothing to do with lilac being my favorite color… okay, maybe a little, but the way the embellishment compliments the color really makes the outfit stand out despite its subtle color. Perfect as both a walima dress and an engagement dress, this one definitey takes the cake.

Iva Collection

“From sophisticated and splendid palettes to romantic silhouettes crafted in luxurious fabrics – Iva formal collection includes all the breathtaking and wondrous apparel you’ve been wishing for.”

This is a collection of blacks and must I say how absolutely gorgeous each and every single piece is. With one pink outfit in the combo, that is equally beautiful, my pick for Iva is most definitely this black outfit because otherwise I wouldn’t be doing justice to the collection. This organza shirt with zardozi work and embroidery in golden imitates a sky full of stars. Its olive green tissue dupatta fits perfectly well with the black and gold despite it being a not-so-ordinary combination.

Pastel Edit

“Creatively designed pastel edit collection is a true reflection of the cultural essence of Pakistan with infused novelty. Heavily hand embellished and intricately detailed bridal lehengas made by the finest of craftsmen capture the traditional aesthetic.”

Pastel edit is a collection of two outfits only and despite the limited options, it’s still a tough choice to make. This steely blue double layered lehnga choli in silk and net with gold muqaish, gotta and zardozi work makes for a beautiful combination you don’t want to be missing out on. Can we take a moment to admire the color choices Zuria Dor makes?

 Alara Collection

“Defined by the finest quality and tales of heritage, each piece of Alara bridal collection reflects creativity that reinvents the traditional aesthetic, revising the beauty and sophistication of delicately hand-embellished couture.”

Ah, the whites. Zuria Dor is one of those few luxury couture brands that create the most exquisite white bridal dresses. Tell me again why white bridal dresses are not a common thing? Despite white being a fairly common color for walima dresses, you never really come across a barat bride in white. Petition to normalize white bridal dresses because I don’t think I have words to describe how magnificent this long tailed gown looks. 

I can go on and on with my favorite pieces from Zuria Dor but I will stop now, don’t want you all in a frenzy and confusion like me, do I now! But hey, don’t forget to let me know your favorite outfit!

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