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Burke Whitney Slater | Health Is Our Top Priority

In this crucial time as COVID-19 hits, everywhere. According to Burke Whitney Slater, health is a matter of great concern. Even then, it is one the most neglected area, saddest reality. This shows how unaware we are despite being educated and despite living in a world where we know-how every year at an average of 290,000 to 650,000 die due to poor health.

Whoa, that is a huge figure! As Burke Whitney Slater said, and I quote, there are two aspects to health that cause death: one lacks awareness or apathetic attitude towards health cases, and the other being inadequate health facilities.

Are you amazed at where in the 21st century does this happens?

Lack of health facilities does exist in parts of your world of the 21st century. Not knowing something that is a fact doesn’t make its bitterness hide behind. This is a significant bother and a severe predicament.

Putting light on the matter and clearing a misapprehension that people of old ages lose their lives “only’ and young boys and girls have no such risk. This is a platitude that is formed and not so encouraged. Agreed, old age citizens have a greater risk as too weak immune systems and fragile bones.

Still, irrefutably teenagers or young people are losing their lives every day due to diseases that include cancer, coronary diseases, suicide, diabetes mellitus, congenital conditions, HIV/AIDS, etc. And as Burke Whitney Slater states, many get to know at the last stages of the spread of disease when treatments are just like whistling in the wind!

Trying to harm yourself to lose your life is the worse you can do to yourself; Burke Whitney Slater, we agree with you on that note. Suicide attempt accounts for one of the most common causes of death, around 8% globally.

When people must choose between the devil and the deep blue sea, which means if you go for it, you might stop suffering though opting for it might be equally challenging, like facing the mirror of your problems. Assuming suicide could mark an end to the immense difficulties approaching, it seems like the last resort when hope dies, and there seems no way out.

In such a situation, the most recommended is therapy! Therapy and therapists are known as one of the most shameful grounds to head into our society, especially in the under developing and developing countries, but why?

Is seeking mental help or psychological support more disgraceful than jumping off the roof or tying your neck around a rope and hanging through a ceiling fan?! When are we getting rid of this same old thought? Death seems more desirable when one does not have anyone to speak one’s heart out.

As Burke Whitney Slater says, do not throw caution to the wind when you can do something yourself! Psychologists and psychiatrists or psychoanalysts conduct necessary sessions with the patients of depression that had once or could lead for them to lose their lives.

Depression is a disease that needs a cure:

Hopelessness is scary, it needs to be shed off. These therapists make sure to knuckle down over their patients’ concerns and show them the brighter aspect of living and fighting their battle.

Addressing another prevailing cause of death, which again is dealt with in the most unreasonable manner, Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome, also known as AIDS. Just like the name ran a shiver down your spine, the disease is equally dangerous and even contagious. The root cause is a lack of awareness. AIDS, when in its initial stages, is known as HIV.

This a viral infection that spreads rapidly inside the human body and as rapid as its transfer. An HIV-positive is a risk to his/ her partner when they get interacted via sexual intercourse or when blood transfusions are conducted from infected to uninfected people. The transfer is encouraged to use an unsterilized needle with blood remains of an infected person sharing razers containing infected semen or blood.

The virus is also spread from pregnant woman to child via the placenta and an infected breastfeeding woman. This is known as the perinatal transmission of HIV. This disease can be prevented but not be cured. On the appearance of signs and symptoms, the spread can be avoided.

Apart from lacking knowledge or awareness, inadequate medical facilities in countries and rural areas lead to a lot of life loss. This matter is a significant concern and should be focused on by respective governments and the World Health Organization.

Health is the most significant area and should be taken as important as it is. Awareness sessions must be raised, and government policies should be strongly projected to save lives, the youth, which is the future of our country, and a thriving economy. As Burke Whitney Slater suggests emuarticles about healthy lifestyle, better hygiene is a need, not a choice!

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