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Do you like to keep on trying new things?

Is your kitchen your favorite place because there is more scope to experiment with design?

Have you ever used wood as your kitchen countertop?

Your kitchen has to handle a lot of every day so take care of the material you are providing it with. Everything you place or the tasks you do in the kitchen, most of them are done on the countertop. So, it is essential to have a kitchen with the best countertop material.

Butcher Block Countertop

When we talk about kitchen countertops, what comes to your mind? Most of you will say granite, marble, etc., but we are not going to about these countertop materials. Today when climate change is such a crisis, everyone is contributing to saving the environment in one way or the other.

One way to contribute to saving the environment is by moving back to the basics. There were times when wood was used as kitchen countertops, but with advancement and modernity, wood was replaced by other materials. It is high time to bring the wood back to your kitchens.

Different types of wood countertops can be used in the kitchen. The best and most recommended out of them all is Butcher Block Countertop. With time, wood countertops like Butcher Block Countertops have also changed. They have returned in a new look that can easily fit in today’s modern society.

When buying a Butcher Block Countertop, the essential features that you must consider are that it is cost-effective, highly durable, and easy to clean. Plus point of using Butcher Block Countertops is that you can prepare food directly on the surface without caring much about running the aesthetics of the countertop.

Types of Butcher Block Countertops

If you are looking forward to buying Butcher Block Countertops, these are their types that you can bring to the kitchen in your home or professional kitchens.

1. End Grain Block

If the wood’s durability and traditionality are your concern, the end grain block in Butcher Block Countertops is the most practical option to choose. It can withstand cutting, dicing, and chopping easily.

The end grain block is prepared by combining woods using glue and staples. There must be specific requirements of forms and style of homeowners when choosing a Butcher Block Countertop, or they can be buying it for a particular type of kitchen. End grain blocks are the best options for all kinds of kitchens.

2. Edge Grain Block

Edge grain blocks are used to produce standard cutting boards. That’s why edge-grain blocks are also known as long-grain blocks. Like the edge grain, end grain blocks are also manufactured by combining many kinds of wood, but the edge grain is turned up in this block. Edge grain block is an alternative to end grain, but it is not versatile as edge grain block. The advantage of edge grain block is, it is easy to manufacture and costs you less.

Finishing Included in Butcher Block Countertops

When the wood has returned to homes in an evolved form, some characteristics distinguish them from the older wooden countertops. The primary thing included in this change is finishing in the Butcher Block Countertops. Let’s learn more about the finishing of Butcher Block Countertops.

1. Varnish

Varnished finishing is mostly preferred to give a beautiful and complete look to your kitchen countertop. If you are giving varnished finishing to your kitchen countertop, you are giving a good look and high durability to the countertop. It is so because it is prone to scratching and cuts.

Your kitchen countertop will sustain the look for long with a varnished finish because they are resistant to stains and easy to sanitize. It requires refinishing from time to time.

2. Oil Finish

Oil finishing is not as gorgeous as varnished finishing. They are prone to staining but highly hygienic. Oil finish makes the surface of the countertop highly durable. It is commonly used by chefs and professionals who prefer to keep the state of your block natural. People who avoid fancy and appreciate the thing as it is should always go for oil finish on their Butcher Block Countertops.


These are some basic things about Butcher Block Countertops that you must know when you make your mind about buying one. To buy Butcher Block Countertops online, Furniture Phoenix is your best choice.

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