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Buy Opal Earring Is Beneficial? And How It Reach You?

While the users are showing much interest to Buy Opal Earring? If you don’t know the exact reasons, just read out the above written lines.

Opals are a beautiful and magical gem of Mother Nature. Known as the Queen of Gems, opal is associated with royalty and good luck. It is the product of seasonal rains that deluge the dry grounds in regions of Australia’s semi-desert. The showers soaked deep into the underground rock and carried dissolved silica. These silica deposits have formed opal. There are many types of Opal and the five main types include White or Light Opal, Black Opal, Fire Opal, Boulder Opal, Crystal or Water Opal. However, in modern times, this precious gemstone has become the object of many negative and superstitions. There are many facts that you need to know before you Buy Opal Earring. So, here are a few facts that you must learn before getting any opal.

Attributes that should be considered before you Buy Opal Earring:

Opal Brightness:

It is the most critical when assessing the value of Opal. In Opal, red is the most sought-after color, followed by orange, gold green, blue, and violet. Therefore, Red opal is generally more valuable. When you consider this, brilliance, darkness and pattern are the main decision-makers. The type, size, color, and soundness of precious opal are the factors that determine the price paid for it.

Opal Patterns:

Almost every opal displays some form of pattern. Two opals can never be the same. Some of the various patterns are Harlequin, Floral, Pinfire, Brush Strokes, Rolling Flash.

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Body Tone:

It is very important to know the type of Opal. Solid Opal is much more valuable than doublet or triplet. The darker the body color, the more valuable is the gem.

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Myths About Opal:

Are Opals bad luck?

Opals always had a mixed set of beliefs associated with them. Back in the Middle Ages, carrying opal was considered to bring good luck. It was thought to possess magical qualities and brings its wearer foresight. Opal also held its legend in ancient times. It was regarded as the most luckiest and magical of all the gems. Opals are now seen as a lucky charm and are prized for centuries.

Opals have to be treated with Oils or Lotions:

This is completely a myth. Opals don’t need to be treated with oils or lotions to keep them look at their best. When an Australian opal is polished it is completely sealed. Adding oils or lotions will not add more years to opal life.

Opal needs to be stored in water to prevent Cracking:

Opal is non-porous, which means that nothing can get into stone. Hence, adding water to it will do nothing for sure. Also, Ethiopian Opal is the only exception.

Opals aren’t Extremely Fragile:

The truth is that opals are fragile and even more than other stones, but it doesn’t mean that they will break easily. These stones are said to be as hard as glass and as long as you are avoiding manual labor, your opals will be fine. There is also a myth that wearing opals in-plane or higher altitude will cause them to break. This is wrong. You can still look fabulous wearing opal and fly.

Types of Natural Opals:

Black Opal:

It is the most valued opal and it comes from Lightning Ridge. It does not mean that it is completely black. It means that the stone has a dark body tone.

White Opal:

White Opals with a base tone ranges from colorless to medium grey. It is more common. It can still be magnificent in color if a good quality stone is found.


It is one variety of precious opal that has host rock forming naturally as part of a gem. It can be black or light depending on the appearance of the stone when viewed from the surface. It tends to leave.


It is a transparent to translucent opal, with warm body colors of orange to red. Although it does not show any play of color, a stone will exhibit bright green flashes. It is sometimes referred to as jelly opals.

Hyalite Opal:

Also known as Mullers Glass, this is a colorless opal, that gives the appearance of glass. Rarely, it displays a faint tint of color. Girasol Opal is a type of hyalite that exhibits a bluish glow that follows a light source.

Synthetic Opal:

Opals of all varieties have been produced commercially. The synthetic opal is distinguishable from natural opal by its regularity. Synthetic Opal does not glow under ultraviolet light and sure it highlights you in a better way. So, buy and make yourself good-looking.

Last Say:

Having known about all the facts and types of opal, get the best opals from Australian Fire Opals. Buy Opal Earring, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings from us. We are Australian Opal experts with 30 years of experience in the opal industry. We have the biggest collection of Australian Opal. Browse through website to order from our exquisite collections and avail free worldwide shipping.

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