Buying a Certified Pre-owned Car; What are the Benefits

For people who can not afford to buy a brand new car, an old vehicle is an excellent choice. There are many second-hand cars in Dubai that serve as a good alternative to the new vehicle. However, there are two options for buying an old car which is; used car and a certified pre-owned car respectively. 

Buying pre-owned car

Despite both of them being almost the same thing, there is a bit of difference between them. A pre-owned car is certified by a credible and authentic automotive company. A lot of benefits come with this certification which are listed below. 

  • Proper inspection

All certified vehicles are thoroughly inspected. This high-quality inspection test is carried out by experts so that the buyer can rest assured. Not only are all pre-owned cars inspected, but they are also refurbished and certified as well. 

These steps might be done by the manufacturer or any other higher authority. The perks of this inspection test are that the features, functions, quality, and high standards of the car are guaranteed. 

After the car has gone through the inspection, the practicality and dependability of the car are determined. This acts as a bargain as well. 

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  • Warranty

Although a few used cars have the original warranty which is continued to the new buyer, there are other used cars that do not. For these used vehicles, a new warranty can be made. There is a choice of an extended manufacturer warranty which offers high-quality repairs and the fast service of strong car parts. 

This is efficiently carried out by the technicians who are trained in the factory. Moreover, the buyer has the option of spending a part of the savings on a new warranty instead of buying a new car. A new warranty is promising and it covers all the future damage for 100,000 miles. 

Some warranties offer even more distance.

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  • Environmentally friendly

A big percentage of pollution emitted from the vehicle results due to manufacturing and early shipment. This pollution is usually in the form of carbon dioxide. 

So it is obvious that if a person purchases a pre-owned car, this pollution will be dramatically lowered as less carbon dioxide will be released into the environment. Pre-owned cars do not give bad effects on the environment as opposed to new vehicles. 

Also, hybrid cars are bad for the environment as their batteries release toxic waste. 

  • Affordability

This is a pretty obvious fact. Used cars are way cheaper than new cars. The cost reduction is almost 50% and all that money can be saved by the buyer. There is no need to worry about the payment or paying in slow installments. 

One can easily purchase a used car from savings which is a relief to the financing. Many people opt to buy two used cars with their whole savings instead of one brand new car. This results in a two-for-one special plan. 

  • Low overall costs

Purchasing a new vehicle means there is no need to do costly dealership add-ons. The buyer has the choice to install it at a much lower price. There are also no exaggerated costs when it comes to the used vehicle. 

This is because new cars have hidden costs. For instance, dealer preparation, shipping costs, and destination fees are some ways the new vehicles can wreck your budget entirely. It has also been revealed that they can include a few advertising charges that are hidden. These can be as expensive as $1,000. 

This is where the pre-owned car gives you the most relaxation as there are no sneaky hidden costs. However, they can have a doc fee which is not that expensive. It hardly costs a few hundred dollars. 

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While new cars are simply new, certified cars boast the above-mentioned benefits. Special financing and higher assurance are offered to the buyer of the pre-owned car as well. Moreover, the buyer can save a lot of money, energy, and time by deciding to purchase a used car. In case you want to sell a used car, visit the website of CarSwitch for this purpose. They have a simple and easy process for selling all types of cars in the UAE.

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