CA coaching institute in jaipur with record breaking history

CA exam is one of the toughest exams, giving the lowest pass percentage. Out of 100  aspiring students who enrolled for the CA course only 5 students manage to be awarded a CA degree in the first attempt. The Aspirants have to clear foundation level, intermediate level, and then the final level in approximately 4.5 years to become a qualified Chartered Accountant In India. How will you respond to the CA coaching institute in Jaipur that boasts of giving not only the highest marks but also giving the highest AIR continuously for the last few years?

You might either doubt their potency or even may consider it as a marketing bluff to allure innocent students. But what if I say, that there is a CA coaching institute for the chartered accountant in Jaipur with record-breaking history? Yes, VSI, the coaching institute for Chartered accountant has given  6 times the 1st AIR result so far.

VSI Vidhya Sagar Institute for Chartered Accountants has been propagating that they have secured the highest all India ranks so far in Ca exams. To be more sure about their claims, let’s dig their past performance and personally evaluate the VSI record-breaking performance.

 Year  Number of the student  CA/CS level Achievement
 2011  Anjali Agarwal  CS Executive Ist AIR
 2012  Nikhil Kumar  CA IPCC Ist AIR /Highest marks
 2014  Abhishek Kumar Jain
Aanchal Aren
CS Executives
CS Foundation
5th AIR
19 AIR
 7 Students  CPT  4th.8th,6th,10th AIR
 4 students  IPCC  18th, 36th, 45th 40th AIR
2015  14 Students  CPT  More than 180 marks
 7 students  IPCC  1st AIR, 2nd AIR
 2016  17 Students  CPT   More than 180 marks
 16 students  IPCC  5th,7th,17th ……ranks
 2017  31 students  CPT   More than 180 marks
 4 students  IPCC  1st AIR
 2018  10 Student  CPT   More than 180 marks
 1 Student  Foundation  21st AIR
 15 students  Intermediate  5th10th,11th16th AIR…
 1 Student  IPCC  35th AIR
 1 Student  Final  1st AIR
 2019  2 students  Foundation  13th, 42nd AIR
 11 students  Intermediate  1st,3rd, 11th AIR
 1 Student Final 1st AIR

Highlights of VSI results:

With such results, we can’t deny the competency of VSI Institute for a chartered accountant course. They have been consistently giving the results every year and proving that their way of grooming the students for CA exam is one among the best. If you want to join the CA coaching institute for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final courses then undoubtedly VSI is the best choice to enrol for it.

Overview of CA Course in India

CA course in India

CA course in India is one of the leading professional courses. The changing economics and the new way of doing business have open doors for CA in every industry. CA is one noble profession that is been demanded across the industries.  Whether the business is small, medium or gigantic capital businesses, everyone need CA to take care of their Financial books and account and maintain their integrity in the accounting system.

Salary of CA:

The major reason the CA course is so heavily demanded in India is that CA is paid a lucrative and promising salary. A fresh start as the CA professional CA will comfort you earn around 3 to 4 lacs per annum.

Duration of CA course in India:

To complete the entire CA course,  it usually takes 4.5 years. In the curriculum of the most sought professional course, ICAI has scheduled three years of practical industrial training known as articleship.

Registration of CA course in India:

Aspiring Ca’s can enrol for the CA classes through online registration with ICAI, the official website. The eligibility to register for CA foundation course is only after appearing for 12th standard exams. The registration for CA foundation. CA intermediate and Ca final course happens twice in a year in the month of December and August. You can also register to the course through Direct entry scheme as well.
CA course fee in India 
CA course is one of the cheapest professional course in India. The entire course fee from CA Foundation, CA intermediate,  CA final does not exceed more than Rs 92000.

CA Coaching from Institute or Self Study?

Students are always confused about whether to join CA Coaching institute or do self-study. The course needs the right guidance and regular support. It also needs continuous motivation and dedication of the students. If the student is self-motivated and clearly understand fundamental topics, then with extra effort and hard work students can achieve excellent results with the self-study.
But, it is advisable to enrol in some good CA Coaching Institute, to make the understanding clearer and simpler.
When you enrol with VSI, the best Ca coaching institute, you can expect to have updated syllabus, correct study material, simple and easy subjects notes and personalised guidance from the best faculty. With all these facilities it becomes quite easier for the students to remain focused and score good marks In exams.

How to choose the Ca coaching institute for 2020-2021 exams?

With the changes in ICAI Syllabus, the current scenario, and the competition among various professional courses, the coaching institute should be progressive and follow the alternative methods of teaching. It has been observed that the current trends in CA classes are pen drive classes, online classes, and zoom classes. If you are an aspiring CA and want to enroll for Ca classes for the 2020-2021 exams, then considered the following points on How to choose your ideal coaching institute for the Chartered Accountant course.
  1. They should enhance their teaching abilities with newly developed technology.
  2. They should have different classrooms for students with different capabilities.
  3. The coaching institute should be able to give consistent and breakthrough results.
  4. The Coaching institute should work under an experienced and qualified mentor.
  5. The Institute should schedule periodic mock test paper of the updated and revised syllabus.
  6. The institute should encourage the student to follow all the ICAI guidelines regarding exam pattern and suggested answers.
  7. The CA coaching institute should have experience in providing online classes and pen drive classes.

VSI, CA Coaching Institute for Chartered Accountant in Jaipur

I recommend VSI coaching classes to all the students who are looking forward to enrolling for CA classes for CA foundation, Ca coaching for intermediate, CA coaching classes for Final. They are best in Jaipur for providing coaching for an individual subject or complete course.
They provide coaching for
CA Foundation 2020-2021 classes
Subject: Accounts, economics, law and maths
Duration: 3 months
Fees: Rs 40000
CA Intermediate 2020-2021 classes
Subject: First group: Accounts, Law, Costing Taxation
             Second group: Advance accounting, audit, SM, Fm and economics
Duration: 5 months
Fees: First group: Rs 37500; Second group: Rs 37500, Both Group: Rs 67500.
CA Final 2020-2021 classes
Subject: First group: FR, SFM, auditing, and economic law.
             Second group: SCMPE, DT, and International taxation, Indirect taxes or IDT.
Duration: 4 months
Fees: First group: Rs 45000; Second group: Rs 45000, Both Group: Rs 80000.

VSI Online classes:

VSI provides online Classes with the best study material.  They provide past attempt questions with suggested answers, Mock test paper, RTP, and other necessary material that cover the entire syllabus prescribed by ICAI in the simplest and smartest way In their smart compilers. They use the best apps and devices to provide the classes.


Jaipur Centre Other than Jaipur Centre Online Classes

(Study at your Home)

Expected Role in CA Results
(i) Classes Face to face Recorded Recorded 10%
(ii) Mock Test Conducted Conducted Conducted 40%
(iii) Personalized Guidance Provided Telephonically Provided Telephonically Provided Telephonically 50%

Choose the best for yourself.

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