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Caavo Brings a New App for Remote Netflix Watch Parties

The pandemic has shattered all the plans and diminished our social interactions. Since we cannot go out anymore without risking our lives, Caavo has brought a remote watch party app that will let you watch Netflix with your friends and family members right from your house. Both you and the people who will join the watch party would be able to sync movies and TV shows to remain on the same page. These online methods might not be as satisfying as watching them with your friends at a movie theatre, but for the time being, it is an ideal option you have.

A lot of you might know Caavo as the company behind the Caavo Control Centre – a universal remote. This time, they have introduced a new app called Watch With Friends that promises to bring the experience of Netflix watch parties on Roku, Apple devices, and Google Chrome as a Chrome extension. This app is available for download on Android and iOS devices. Make sure that you are using iOS version 11 or later and Android version 6 or higher, including iPads and Android tablets or else the app will not support your device.

How to use Watch With Friends

Download the app on your mobile device to begin streaming. As soon as you join a party, this app automatically synchronizes the Netflix for party guests on the Chrome browser, Apple TV, and Roku. Each guest on the app will need to have their own Netflix account to join the party. Currently, this app supports all the models of Roku, including streaming boxes, streaming sticks, soundbars, and TVs along with the 4th generation Apple TV or later. The best part is that it doesn’t require any sign-up or registration for you to begin or join a party.

If you want to install the Chrome browser plugin, then go to the Chrome Web Store to install it. You can also use your Roku or Apple TV remote during the party. But you will have to be careful that you don’t quit or stop the video on the Netflix app. You can rejoin the party, but you will probably miss some parts of the show. Below, we have mentioned a few steps that will help you to create and host a party on the app.

Creating a party

You need to download the app on your mobile device, and then only you can move on to the steps further.

  1. Open the Netflix app and copy the link for the show or movie that you want to watch.
  2. On the Watch With Friends app, select Create a Party and paste the link for the Netflix program.
  3. Add a name for your party and enter a Host PIN for controlling it.
  4. Share the link of your watch party to anyone that wants to join on Roku, Apple TV, or Chrome browser.

If you are using a computer to create a party, then follow these steps:

  1. Install the Chrome extension of the app for your Chrome browser.
  2. Go to the Netflix app and start playing the movie or so you want to watch. Click on the extension that you just downloaded.
  3. Select ‘Create a Party’ and add a name and Host PIN to secure it.

One unique thing about the party link is that it remains active for up to 7 days after the party link gets created. The party link can also expire once you end the watch party. And do not share the Host PIN with anyone unless you want others to take control of the party as well. Share the party name or link with the people with whom you want to watch the show or movie, as the name and link are unique, and the app will allow you to share it with your friends easily without anyone else taking control over it.

Host a Party

If you want to host the Netflix party, this is what you should do:

  1. Enter your party name as a host.
  2. Click on Find Party and select I am the host.
  3. Enter the Host PIN you created earlier and click on Start Party.

The host will be able to check the number of people joining in to watch the show or a movie, and they can also choose to chat with guests. The host can leave the party and rejoin again as a host, but the content playing on-screen will not stop. So, when they come back, they will be synced with their friends and family, and they will regain control over the party. But if a host ends the party, no one can rejoin the party, and the guests will get their controls back, and the party will automatically get deleted. However, a host cannot remove anyone from the party

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