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Call Center Licence and setup – Call Centers in India

DOT OSP Registration | Dot Licence for BPO and Call Centers

In India, the (BPO) Business Process Outsourcing industry has been on the rise at an amazing level. With more relief in trade barriers with the countries overseas, there are several firms and companies out there that outsource their business operations to other countries where an inexpensive and skilled workforce is available easily. India is named among those countries where the concept of BPO is very well suitable. India has a large population of young population, therefore foreign countries take a keen interest in recruiting India’s young people and this works out pretty well.

bpo registration India
bpo registration India

Nowadays, the majority of Indian companies, start-ups are focussing more on setting up BPO operations for increasing their customer base and promotion of their services and goods to the customers. Today, we will walk you through step by step to set up BPO business legally in India:

Registration of Business: – To start a BPO in India, you need to first enroll your company as a Private limited company. The registration for a Private limited company is needed to be there with the primary objective of starting BPO services such as telebanking, tele-coaching, telebanking, tele-trading, telemedicine, call center, E-commerce, Network operations centers and other IT empowered operations, etc.

Basic Requirements for starting a BPO Private Limited Company: Registering for a Private Limited Company requires at least 2 Directors and two stakeholders, or both can be the same people. However, in case you are the only proprietor than one Person Company registration can likewise be created as a sole proprietor and shareholder. The private limited company name whatever the owner chooses must be unique and should not match with any other existing company or trademark with the purpose of beginning BPO services. For registering the private limited company the Aadhar card, PAN card, photo, Bank statements, email address, and mobile number are required for all the stakeholders and directors and for office address of the company, electricity bill, NOC form, rent agreement is required.

Opening a bank account for company – After the company is successfully registered, its owners and directors should proceed towards opening a company’s bank account.

How to get Other Service Provider (OSP) Licence for starting BPO business in India OSP license is a compulsion for all the service providers who offer all kinds of call center services like tele-trading, telemarketing, tele-coaching, telemedicine, E-commerce, network operation center and various other IT powered business using resources provided by the telecom department. In order to receive OSP registration, one must put forward an application to the telecommunication department in the specified format while attaching all the documents along with it. These are the required documents that need to be presented along with the application charges:

Documents required to submit the application for OSP license

  • Accreditation of Incorporation provided by company’s registrar
  • (AOA) Article of Association and Memorandum
  • Power of Attorney or the Board resolution permitting the authorized endorser with attested signatures.
  • A note on the activities of the proposed OSP, nature of business.
  • List of present Directors of the Company.
  • Current shareholding method of the company specifying equity details



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