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Call of Duty: New Leak Reveals New Map Details

COD is an evergreen, elite gaming franchise that has always catered to its audience. And the audience has reciprocated their love for the game but treating it like a celebrity about which, we want to know everything. Thus, leaks about the game are neither surprising nor new. Dataminers recently dug out further information about the upcoming map of Warzone, from the COD 2020 alpha files.


There are users in the gaming community who are famous for going through many files to find out exciting bits about upcoming COD games. In one such recent incident, we got to know more about the consistency of Warzone in the franchise and possibly a new map.


It seems like the free-to-play online battle royale will be a regular part of the Call of Duty franchise going forward. But the fact remains that with such worlds, developers have to keep updating the map or adding on new ones to make the game enjoyable over time. The latest information that came through the Call of Duty 2020 Red Door alpha leak tells us more about the map for the battle royale. There are four zones that data miners could figure out from the files. These zones will classify different areas of the new map. The zones will be named Duga, Russia, Forest, and Ski Slope.


While the other three will be a place possibly inspired or based on Russia, a forest, and a Ski slope where players can find structures and rewards, as per reports, the whole map was going to be inspired by Russia, but this indicates only a part of the new map will be that way. The rest of the map is pretty similar to the present one. At this point, saying anything with confirmation is not possible. The Call of Duty reveal is not going to be too far in the future, and fans await clarity on some of these issues. As of now, the Call of Duty 2020 reveal might be happening inside Warzone, which points towards the map big revealed along with it. Until then, everything that leaks and that is said is only but a figment of ardent fans’ imagination.

The current version of Call of Duty Warzone is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source : New Map Details

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