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Can it be possible to treat drug addiction??

Can it be possible to treat drug addiction??

Drug addiction is the habit of acquiring particular substances for pleasure or might be taken to reduce anxiety. Addiction is a serious condition and it has serious consequences on the physical and mental health of a person. It is very unfortunate that drug addiction is alarmingly rising in Pakistan. The reasons behind their rising ratio include poverty, unemployment, mental stress, trauma after the loss of a loved one, and many others.  According to the recent survey of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, approximately 4 million individuals are drug-addicted in Pakistan. If they are motivated to come back towards normal life, it can lead to the loss of precious lives.

Treating severely addicted persons poses different challenges. One of the biggest challenges is to encourage them to leave the habit and their mental preparation to visit a doctor for their treatment. Many of the individuals start taking drugs initially and afterward want to get rid of the habit. But it is quite difficult to leave a particular substance addiction without medical treatment. The biggest factor in the success of the treatment is the patient’s own will along with medical help.

Where to get effective treatment?

Effective treatment for drug addiction requires treating both physical and mental health issues. There are many drug addiction treatment centers in Pakistan that are particularly focusing to treat such patients. The best of them is KOSHISH CLINIC, situated in OPF society khayaban e Jinnah Lahore. They have a team of specialized doctors and psychiatrists who are working in this field from a sufficient time. Due to their vast experience, they get a sound understanding of the patient’s condition at the first meeting. Evaluation of the patient is performed by taking the complete history. This includes taking the information about the specific type of drug and the time period from which it is induced in the body. Treatment certainly depends upon the overall history and condition of the patient.

There are different treatment options available at KOSHISH CLINIC. The patient can be given high care treatment by admitting him to the center of the condition is worse. If he is not a severe addict, out-patient service can be provided. A physician, as well as a psychiatrist, visits the patient regularly at his own home until he is perfectly fine.

Subsequent treatment includes


Diagnosis is the identification of the prevalent illness by completely examining the patient’s condition. Drug addicted person can have many health-associated problems along with mental disabilities. Many patients have liver diseases; some of them have kidney problems also. This is the reason that proper diagnosis is crucial before prescribing a treatment. All the problems are identified by keeping in mind the type of drug which he was using regularly. Many patients are the victim of alcoholism which poses serious threats to physical health.


Drug detoxification is the process in which the drug substance is removed from the body. This is not a one-time process but it takes time. Severely addicted persons have toxic levels of drugs in their blood when they are tested. Drug agents also matter in defining the detoxification treatment time. Methods of acquiring that substance are also kept in mind while treating that whether the patient used to take it orally, smoking, or injections.

Psychiatric therapy

Functions of the brain are most affected by the use of drugs. Addicted persons lose control of their body movements and behaviors with other persons. Due to emotional disturbances, they destroy the relationships with their loved ones. To treat such persons, psychiatric counseling plays a vital role. It not only helps to convince the patient for medical treatment but also helps to redevelop mental abilities. Professional psychiatrists at KOSHISH CLINIC put their efforts to stabilize the life of addicts. It is a long term procedure even some patients requires this therapy for the rest of their life. Both In-patient and out-patient services are offered by the team. Psychiatric counseling is the only thing that helps the patient to develop his interest in life and refuse to take the drugs if the desire arises in his body. When his own will in included in the treatment; he becomes able to recover fast.

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