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Career in Dance stream

Career become a profession

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When you are happy, dance! When it is celebration time, dance! When you are in a party or marriage… just dance !! But in today’s world the scope of dance is not just limited to celebrations . It has increased manifold. It has changed its routes and has taken the road of professionalism. Apart from being a hobby, people today are making dance a profession.

Earlier, people connected the word dance with marriage celebrations and party celebrations. Now the word is same, but the meaning has been changed. Now, people have started  connecting it with world of dance championships, videography, movies, choreography, dance institutes etc. In short, people with dance as a hobby have started making it their profession. 

There are no hard and fast rules for dance . It is just a movement of body in sync with emotions. It is a way to express your inside world of feelings to the outside world of emotions.

Every person who loves Dance always have one question in their mind.. 

Is there any career in Dance?

So what I want to say is yes, Career in dance has ample opportunities.


Dance has become a profession now a days . Today dance has opened up the gates for many new career opportunities.

1.   Dance Academy: – If you have the enough knowledge about dance and you have adequate capital then  opening a dance academy is the best career  for you. Any person who has interest in opening a dance academy must have a dance certificate which they can get by taking admission in various dance institutes. If you want to know about the courses in dance and colleges of dance then click these Courses and colleges of dance.

For opening a dance academy you should have a well experienced  team because it not possible to attend the needs of all the students in one go. There are many dance academies like: NATRAJ DANCE ACADAMY, DANCE VILLA ETC.

Once your academy will start running successfully, then you can open its branches in different areas, cities, states etc that will help you to expand further. 


2.   Choreography: – There is an age old relation between dance and choreography . In chreography , a proper format, framework or structure of dance is decided. Choreography is that career which connect us with celebrity world. As we know that film industry is incomplete without dance and dance is incomplete without choreography. As long as films will be produced, the demand for   Choreographers will never end. 

In short,  a choreographer structures the dance steps and teaches them to the film actors and actress. He teaches them hook steps and make them work on their body movements during dance.


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3.   Reality shows:- Reality shows gives a boost to the dance industry. No doubt, in coming times, carrer in dance will have strong linkages with reality shows. There are various dance reality shows like Dance India Dance, Dance + and many more. These shows provides a base to aspiring dancers and helps them to convert dance into their profession. Format of dance reality shows is based on the

                       . Future Dancers

                       . Present Dancers

                       . Past Dancers

a.   Future dancers: – Future dancers  are the CONTESTANTS of the reality shows. These contestants performes to win the show and get  good amount of the prize money with the goal of becoming Present and Past Dancers.

b.   Present dancers: –Present Dancers are the choreographers or we can say them as leaders who lead the contestants and teach the contestants . They get handsome payment for their work. They work with contestants, analyse each contestant ,  improve their weakness and hold their hand till their final victory.

c.    Past dancers: – Past dancers are the ultimate judges of the reality shows and the highest paid celebrities in reality shows. These are those dancers who have achieved so much in the field of dance and have got the power to evaluate now.

4.   Yoga Instructor: – This trend is being looked up by everyone in this time. Dance is such a blessing which give the dancers so many other blessings like flexibility in the body, active body and active mind. These features helps a person to make a career as a yoga instructor. In yoga, a lot of flexibility is needed. So yes we can say that there is a lot of career opportunities  in Dance.

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5.   Videos: – So here comes the career in dance where zero investment is required. If you have interest and  good skills in dance then you can

·       Record the video of your dance and upload it on your separate account of Instagram, facebook which will present your dance skills to the outside world. With this you can get more followers and attract many career opportunities for dance  events.

·       You can also upload your dance video on the youtube, where you can earn money by getting more views on the video. This is the most attractive career for  dancers on internet.

·       Open a blog and you can share your knowledge of dance on the blogs. The more views your blog will get, the more money you will receive.

So these all are the careers in dance, you can select any one or mixture of two , it all depends upon your célèbre.

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