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Check Your Tyre Pressure or Raise Your Blood Pressure

Car tyre pressure or measurement of the amount of air in your tyre ensures that the tyres wear evenly and facilitate the correct level of grip on the road surface, commonly expressed as Pounds per Square Inch or PSI. While each time you find it mandatory to check the engine oil to prevent the risk of a possible engine blow out, do you check your car tyre pressure regularly? Not only do you need to consider that car tyres can prove to be unsafe and hazardous when they are old and worn out but also the amount of tyre pressure present in your tyres while you drive because they mark the critical standards implying safety and economy.

What is the Correct Tyre Pressure, and how should you Check your Tyre Pressure?

Quite similar to a Give and Take a relationship, if you take care of the tyres, they will take care of your car. Tyre Manufacturer recommendations claim the use of pressure gauge either of 3 types: Pen-type, Dial and Digital Pressure gauge that uses the same unit of measurement as laid down in the pressure guidelines recommended by your car manufacturer.

To know what your tyre pressure exactly be, follow your manufacturer’s recommendation printed on a label either on the vehicle’s door edge or inside the fuel filling flap or the doorpost inside your car ranging between 30-35 PSI. With a suitable pressure gauge:

Read the recommended Tyre pressure.

Check the recommended reading on the pressure gauge, which determines if you need to inflate or deflate your tyres. While the recommended PSI can usually range between 24-32 it can extend up to 45 depending upon the vehicle. For most larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs, the PSI reading is generally 4-8 PSI greater than their smaller counterparts.

Unscrew the Valve dust cap from the Valve System

Remove the valve cap from your cheap tyres near me valve system, and unrolling the air hose pushes the end of the hose onto the tyre valve stem.

Record the Accurate reading using the air pressure gauge

On pressing down the air pressure gauge precisely on the valve stem you can record the accurate reading given. If you catch a shrieking sound, you must know that the gauge isn’t fit tightly and can misread with the need to adjust the gauge angle. If you are using a digital pressure gauge, you might or might not need to press a button for enabling the gauge to read the air pressure. But if you are using a traditional pressure gauge, the metered stick will offer you an automatic reading.

Inflate your tyres using an air compressor

If your tyres need refilling or inflation, you can use an air compressor to pump on air. Pressing the air compressor hose onto the valve stem fills in the air until the gauge reads the correct PSI as per the recommendations of your car’s manufacturer displayed on the gauge. But remember to avoid overinflation by adding small quantities of air at a time.

Deflate your tyres using a screwdriver

You can defuse an overinflated tyre by using the tip of a flat-headed screwdriver pressing the metal pin inside the valve system venting out the extra air.

Routine Checking of Tyre pressure

While driving with underinflated tyres can affect your handling performance and braking, over-inflated 205 55 r16 Tyres can be harsh promoting skidding or tyre blow out possibilities. Thus, checking the air level in your tyres is mandatory to ensure safety before hitting the road.

Other tips to keep up with the tyre condition

The very basics of ensuring the better condition of your tyres require the proper attention of the vehicle owner. Thus, here are some handy tips for the drivers and vehicle owners to enhance the durability of the tyres. Follow up with these easy ways and enjoy the durable performance of the vehicle.

Timely rotation of the tyres

A routine visit to a garage can solve a lot of your car tyre problems and enhance the condition altogether. However, there are a few things that you must do at regular intervals. It is when the tyre rotation comes into the picture. You must always ensure that all the tyres are wearing equally. Although in most vehicles the front tyres wear off more early than the rear ones, you must rotate the tyres. It will result in equal wear and tear of the tyres. Moreover, when you reach a point to replace the tyres.

You can buy the set of front and back tyres, together.

Timely wheel alignment sessions

A regular check on the alignment of the wheel has a lot of benefits. It not only enhances the durability of the tyres but also gives improved balance to them. Wheel alignment and tyre rotation are different aspects, however, one can get both of them done during the same visit to the garage.

Since both, the process is crucial and plays a crucial role in maintaining the condition of tyres and safety of the vehicle. Y

ou must get it done routinely.

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