Choose Best Touch screen Monitor for Industrial Use


As a manufacturer of modified touchscreens, we design and manufacture customized touch screen monitor by the requirements of clients. In the fields of industry and technological innovation, we provide an array of proven arrangements that must be completely adapted to meet your specific requirements. We’ve been able to successfully breeze through several industry-specific tests and standards. This reduces the cost of improvement and offers you a huge advantage in the ever-changing industries. The confidence in the skilled professional.


Optic holding is among our greatest achievements. We master LOCA wet holding as well as OCA holding exceptionally well, and at incredibly low costs. We offer fortified complete frameworks that have optical sharpness. Industrial 12 inch touch screen monitor that are optically fortified in very attractive circumstances. Make a persuasive assertion.


We can conduct individual touch evaluations for you based on various developments, materials, and advancements. If required the sensor’s touch can be adjusted to the ideal level for efficient or cost-effective applications. As a professional trained and producer of contact screens, we provide dependable and well-equipped assistance.

Protection Filter

Security insurance and information security is essential requirement of contact frames. The increased use of touch screens further increases the necessity for security-ensuring contact screens. Contact screens that have protection channels are ideal to use in banks, government institutions, and pharmacies.


We measure and punch practical fixing frameworks to ensure rapid and reliable integration to your framework. We achieve a perfect savings ratio by using incredible fixing capabilities that can reach IP69K. Robot-based cycles and proven materials ensure stable cycles and reliable quality.

Hosting Hostile for REFLECTIVE COATING

We will provide you with the best completing options for optical enemies of intelligent coatings. We are a complete arrangement provider for reflective contact frames. False AR with intelligent coatings as AG coatings used in the scratching system, or as a heated shower curtain are among our regular designs. Specifically coordinated to your needs to ensure shine and scratch resistance.


EMC safeguarding doesn’t need to be expensive. We’re happy to provide practical solutions for you, according to the particulars of the relevant normal. We have a vast collection of completed projects and currently offer many standard solutions to you, with no additional effort. Uncommon protection materials are accessible at our distribution center.


As a maker of touch screens, We offer a fully coordinated sunlight readable touchscreen monitor with PET polyester that can precisely adapt the touch screen to a variety of optical conditions. We have the ideal solution to your optical requirements. The latest innovations and ideas are demonstrated in open and indoor applications.


Sunscreen provides the best heat protection. Infrared channels guard your display from overheating and premature failure in applications. We can provide IR insurance channels by overlaying PET film, or as temperatures-instable IR security glass with long durability and low heat input.


Forcible UV light is the most important aspect in the rapid maturation of show structures. To ensure reliable and high clarity, the surface or channels that are defensive should be selected. We have provided examples of testing in the open air.

Glass Covered

A minimum of the optical hold of one glass layer altogether creates the appearance of the touchscreens. Glass that is covered and has sway opposition greater than IK10 + is a good thing for us. Glass covers are ideal to secure parts when glass is is breaking and reduce the risk possible.

PCAP Touch Screen Customized for Personalization

Our range includes typical PCAP contact screens ranging from 7″‘ and up to. For very high-end requests in terms of effective opposition is concerned, we provide you with our highly durable IK10 screen for contact. High-end, modern PCAP contact from the best with a price that is attractive.

Custom Industrial Monitors

Explore the virtually limitless possibilities of possibilities and design your unique modern screen that works with your personality and enhances the attractive design of your image.


  1. Beautiful tones
  2. Excellent materials
  3. Alluring glasses
  4. Imaginative hardware

There aren’t any limitations on your plans and ideas, as well as your sole acknowledgment.


Our goal was to design innovative screens that would be suitable for the future of modern technology and medical devices.

  1. With an innovative strategy
  2. Remarkable picture quality
  3. The ability to be amazingly wise
  4. Amazing value execution proportion
  5. The screening stage is a secure frame that is easy to modify and yet ensures rapid delivery times.
  6. Each modern screen is tested to perfection and top of the line. The design and production are handled by Interelectronix.


Interelectronic is a company with its development headquarters within Canada as well as Munich with highly skilled professionals and architects.

We have the option of relying upon secure technologies just like an expert improvement group for touchscreens. In our area, we can also alter the outcome to satisfy your specific requirements.

Modern Monitors

Over the past 20 years, we have invented, developed, and disseminated touch screen innovations. We’ve developed from a part of a contact screen framework with outstanding cycle and item capabilities.

Custom Touch Panel

For the CAPACITIVE TOUCH application it is important to be aware of these:

We ask you to supply us with as much detail as you can. you have any questions about any of the information above you can get in touch with us.

If you’re not certain concerning any aspect of the above details or have any issues developing a touch panel do not hesitate to contact us. We’re willing to assist you with the process from concept to manufacturing.

Touch Screen Solutions and Protective Shield Integration

Nowadays touchscreen systems, touch screens, and customized industrial Pc are crucial tools to gather information in a broad variety of industries, including hospitality, retail as well as higher education, and healthcare. This is why Canvys employs specialists in touch screen and shield integration. With over 35 years of experience, we can help you determine your requirements and choose the right devices and technology that will provide the best results.

Utilizing LCDs that are branded or non-branded display components

Create touch screen solutions that are customized to your specifications.

We also have close relationships with the original equipment manufacturer to ensure that we can access the most advanced touch screen technology. You can count on Canvys to provide you with a wealth of resources, including U.S.- and Europe integrated facilities and Clean Rooms of Class 10,000 as well as expertise in drivers and firmware for compatibility with applications.

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