Coast Camping: How To Prepare

There are three summer months ahead of us. A great excuse to get out into nature with friends or loved ones. Not everyone has the opportunity to spend a weekend or vacation in the country or in a country house. So we offer you an alternative option that is available to almost everyone – coast camping.

Glacial peaks, forested headlands, and wild rivers are just a few of the natural attractions surrounding the best campsites, while mountain biking, rafting and all-day hikes are some of the favorites. Backpackers, families, and long-term travelers visit campgrounds every warm-weather weekend, and some places fill up with advance bookings well ahead of the season.

Family leisure with a tent in the forest, on the banks of a river or lake, for example Oregon coast camping, is a great option to take a break from the noisy city, spend time with loved ones, introduce children to the local flora and fauna It is necessary to think over all the moments of your leisure in advance so that your vacation would pass without problems and unexpected incidents. 

Benefits of outdoor recreation with family:


Oregon Coast camping

What is needed for such a holiday?

  1. The most important thing is your desire and attitude, because this type of leisure is very different from the usual home or hotel conditions.
  2. Do not forget to work out your holiday plan for all days in advance and find a suitable place for camping.
  3. Make a list of all the necessary things, including, think about what you will do in your free time. Perhaps it will be small excursions for several hours in the surrounding area or team games. Bring badminton or petanque with you for yourself and your children – it’s always more fun to play outdoors.
  4. Prepare a cooler bag. In hot weather, this is simply a must-have thing that will keep all your food fresh and save you from the risk of poisoning. For trips for several days, this thing is irreplaceable.
  5. Find a comfortable tent for the whole family. Choose a model that is easy to assemble and fold, and is easy to operate. Choosing a tent is the most important moment when preparing for camping, because a tent will become your home and place to sleep for several days, it should be comfortable and safe.
  6. Do not forget about precautions: check the weather forecast for the days of your rest in advance, take a first-aid kit with the necessary medicines and dressings, stock up on the necessary amount of food and drinking water, do not go to the forest one by one for long distances and prefer daytime walks to evening ones. Be sure to bring warm clothes and let your family and friends know exactly where you are going to camp.

When you arrive

Take a look around and choose a suitable place to camp, set up a tent and set up a campfire site and daytime activities. Enjoy the rest and time with your loved ones. Forget about gadgets for a while, listen to the sounds of nature. Tell your children about the area around them, connect them to cooking or camp, and come up with interesting joint activities for your family.

Which Advantages And Disadvantages Of Camping Are Exist

People planning a seaside vacation sometimes consider camping. For those in doubt, we suggest reading our article, perhaps it will help you learn about some of the nuances of this type of recreation.

Camping is a summer type of auto tourism, which involves a closed area with places for tents. Some camping camps offer guests ready-made tents or lightweight houses, trailers. On its territory there is always a sanitary zone (toilet, shower), parking for cars. Some campsites provide additional services if the guest needs it, such as car repairs, shops, sports grounds, the Internet.


– The most common reason for choosing this type of recreation is economy. Parking space and tents in a campsite are always cheaper than the most economical room in a hotel or guest house.

– Check-in at the campsite does not require strict rules, as in hotels. People with disabilities, with decent accompaniment, will find a corner for themselves. Pets are allowed almost everywhere.

– Camping sites are often located in protected areas in close proximity to the sea and far from the noise of the road. Therefore, unity with nature is ensured in them.

– There is no need to reserve a place at the campsite. You can come at any time. Although, if you wish, you can call and inform about your arrival.

– Many tourists think that the campground is dangerous, dirty, not comfortable. But this is not the case. The territory is guarded and cleaned by administrators and staff. Some campsites have lightweight cabins with air conditioning and TV.

– Do not be afraid that there is nothing to occupy yourself on this territory, the administration of the camping will always offer a choice of entertainment. This can be sea or river fishing, bike rental for cycling, playgrounds, and sometimes animators.


– Some vacationers do not like the abundance of natural sounds: when the surf rustles, leaves rustle overhead, birds and insects wake up early.

– Possible unpleasant allergic manifestations after insect bites. Even if you have not noticed anything like this before, it is worth taking antihistamines.

– The abundance of vacationers may not please all guests. You will never know which neighbors will settle nearby: small children can cry at night, and young people can walk until morning.

– Not all campsites are located in the shade of trees. Some of them are located in open areas.

– It is necessary to study the forecasts of meteorologists before departure. It will turn out to be unpleasant if prolonged rains fall. In this case, it is better to stay in a hotel than in a camping tent.

– It is not always pleasant to use ready-made tents and trailers because of the sanitary rules, which are not followed by everyone.

The choice of the type of rest should be approached carefully, having weighed all the pros and cons. We hope our article helped with this.

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