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Compensation From Raymond Mirra

Ray Mirra: the owner of RAM Capital Group

Raymond “Ray” Mirra is an American businessman and owner of RAM Capital Group. Which is an investment firm that manages private equity and acquisitions. He is also one of the Managing Directors of RAM Capital Group. Ray is a very important man within the industry. He is also a renowned entrepreneur within the pharmaceutical industry…


Prior to joining the management team of RAM Capital Group, Raymond Mirra held various positions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Some of his former roles include president of Generex, a company that manufactures human growth hormone and other hormones for transplants. Raymond also served as a senior director of Merck & Co. Inc. Prior, to that he was a vice president and board member for Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceuticals.


According to his biography on the company’s website, Raymond holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. After graduation, he went to work for Sandvine in the Biopharmaceuticals division. There, he was responsible for developing new drugs to treat severe diseases such as hemophilia, AIDS, and cancer. Raymond was also instrumental in developing the drug Vaxamine, which is now part of the war against Alzheimer’s disease.

By this time, he had begun to experience some success as a pharmacist, working for the Hallmark Corporation, which is now owned by Citibank. After seven years with Citibank, Raymond decided it was time to find a new job and so started his search for a position at a new pharmaceutical company.

Ray Mirra

Ray Mirra wants to help

After leaving Sanofi Aventis, Raymond founded his own company. This company is based in biotechnological plants around the world. The primary aim of this company is to commercialize the Vaxamine drug. However, in 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began to monitor and regulate this company due to fears that its product contained unexidered or insignificant amounts of undeclared plant genetic material that could produce serious or unforeseen health hazards.

Ray Mirra has been saying that he wants to improve the help people. The lives of people with difficulties with the use of different technologies. In fact, his main focus is on two main areas: To obtain protection for the Vaxamine drug and to assist people with disabilities receive employment. Because of this thought, the most of his time is spent helping the special people with difficulties in finding jobs .

Vaxamine is an anti-leukotriene derivative that is supposed to strengthen the immune system and therefore lessen the chance of infections and illnesses. Unfortunately, Vaxamine is actually a genetically modified version of a drug called Aldara. Aldara was developed to treat AIDS. The FDA had approved the drug in December 1996 but raised questions about whether it was safe and appropriate for use. A clinical trial was begun in Europe in March 1997 and has been ongoing ever since.

Raymond Mirra History

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When Raymond Mirra graduated from high school in Philadelphia, he very quickly decided he wanted to become a pharmacist. After graduation from high school he declined offers to go to Rutgers and Temple, choosing instead to matriculate at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy instead. But soon after starting at pharmacy school, Raymond soon decided that he preferred working inside the pharmacy business instead of learning about it in class, and therefore left the pharmacy school in 1977 to start work in his own pharmacy.

After Raymond became a drug researcher for a small company, he met Dr. Milton Korson, who specialized in addiction treatment. Korson recommended Raymond do some research into drug development, so they would understand how the drug could be marketed. This position would allow Raymond to understand all aspects of drug research. Learn how pharmaceutical companies could use them to create drugs that were better suited for the needs of people with psychological disorders.

Ray Mirra

Raymond Mirra’s Dedication

Eventually, Korson and Mirra left Merck Pharmaceuticals to form a company called Biolet. The two decided to make the company free of ego. They felt that an important factor in their success as a company was the devotion of their personnel. The two felt that an artist, who was able to see a vision of the future, would be much more capable of building that vision into a reality than someone who struggled through the process of drug development. They made the decision to make their personnel commitment a key part of their business plan.

As a result, a large number of people from all over the world were now making alot of progress in pharmaceuticals. A large number of scientists, consultants, and other kinds of people are involved in this work. Many people are involved in finding treatments for diseases. Other people are involved in the development of medicines for various disorders. And still other people are testing drugs for depression, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, heart conditions, and many other conditions.

Raymond’s dedication to helping people began with a single drug, which was designed to treat a symptom of depression. Because of its effectiveness, the drug was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA, in December of 1982. As the effects of the drug began to show, and trials with larger numbers of people began to show positive results, the FDA gave the go ahead for a second drug, called Tofranil, a stronger version of Mirra. As more people were drawn to the drug, a third drug, called Norpramin, was added to the mix. After several years spent doing drug development research, Raymond founded a pharmaceutical company called Merck Pharmaceuticals. The company is today one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Ray Mirra pharmaceuticals

The drug was taken to market by pharmaceutical giants. Such as AstraZeneca, Biogen, Merck, Novartis, and Merck Sharp. It was only in the late eighties that serious attention was drawn to Mirra’s potential as a drug. For treating schizophrenia and later for treating depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. A medical journal article in 1983 reported. That there had been an eighty percent success rate over ten years for patients using Mirra. The article also said that the success rate was consistent for all age groups. It was also announced that there were no serious side effects from taking the drugs.

Raymond’s dedication to improving the lives of those with mental illness. Also did not stop with the release of his first drug. He founded the Society for Comprehensive Addiction Treatment, or the SCAT. This organization has been dedicated to helping. Those who have a chemical substance addiction problem to realize their goals through a system of treatment. In addition to treating the addiction, SCAT treats its clients to help them re-establish their lives. Through their twelve-step program, they teach their clients to develop skills necessary for living in a drug-free world.

Because Raymond Mirra is a psychiatrist rather than a psychologist, when it came to treating those with schizophrenia and other mental disorders he was considered one of the top professionals in his field. Today, nearly forty-five years since his death. His work continues to improve the lives of people who suffer from this disorder. His teachings remain as valuable today as they were when he began.

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