Creative Things to Do With an Old Android Tablet

Everyone loves buying new gadgets. However, what is to be done with the old ones? Recycling is the best way to give a new life to an old thing. It is always better to use an old article in new ways than throwing it. This article will provide you with some ideas about using your old Android tablet. Here are some ways to help you reuse or repurpose your old Android tablet.

Turn it into a Digital Picture Frame

You can use your old Android tablet as a photo frame. You can set a slideshow on display and connect it with different online photo frame servers like Google Photos, Flickr, or another photo-sharing service and display those photos in your home. This is one of the best ways to use your old Android tablet.

Use it as an Alarm Clock

You can use an old Android tab as an alarm because its big display can present a large time display. You can install an alarm clock application, set the alarm for when you want to wake up.

Pass it on

If you have a younger family member and he/she is asking for a tablet, you can pass your old tablet to him/her. Kids don’t need the newest model with the fastest processors, so you can recycle it and make it useful for your younger sibling.

If you don’t have younger siblings, you can donate your device to someone who needs it. Donate the device to a worthy cause or a charity such as Cell Phones For Soldiers, Rainforest Connection, and Medic Mobile. This will help you put your tablet to work again while doing some good.

Read Ebooks

You can use your old Android tablet to read books; this is one of the best ways to repurpose it. So you can download an e-book reader from the Play Store and enjoy reading your favorite books.

Get Help in the Kitchen

Download some recipe apps and start making new dishes with the help of your old device. You can watch movies and listen to radio broadcasts if you feel bored while cooking.

Control your Smart Home

Using the old Android tablet to control home automation is one of the best uses. You can use it to adjust AC, TV, and other devices.

These were some clever ways to help you repurpose your old, outdated, but still functional Android tablet. There are many other ways to use your old tablet; and this list contains some of them. So consider these points and use your creativity to use your old device.

Source:-  Creative Things to Do With an Old Android Tablet

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